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First try with BENCHMARK in 45-70...looks promising

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  • First try with BENCHMARK in 45-70...looks promising

    I had some assorted primed brass that had wrinkles in the cases.
    Since they were somewhat disposable I used them to try BENCHMARK as a 45-70 powder.

    My rifle is a Browning Model 86 carbine, with fairly shallow rifling so I used 350 grain Hornady jacketed soft points.

    54.0 grains Benchmark and the cases loaded to 2.530 COL or as close as I could get with wrinkled cases.
    Lee Factory crimp die was use.

    The average velocity was 1,875 fps.

    The cases were SUPER clean, with only slight pressure signs on the Remington cases. The Federal cases did not show any and the Winchester cases only showed the slightest pressure indications.

    I only got a 2 inch group with the iron sights at 100 yards, but it was fairly cool (about 5 degrees) and windy... So I was in a hurry to get done..
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    good info

    those 350s are one of my favorite bullet for the 45/70, i have the guide gun and it really likes the round nose. i haven't tried benchmark but will now, thanks!


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      With iron on a 45-70, 2moa and even in the wind you say. Thatís about as good as my eyes could ever do with iron and those days are long gone now. Itís plenty good to get the job done and better than many of the guys I see shooting with their scoped 300 Win. Mag. and what not.
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        I tried that powder a couple years back and was impressed with how clean it was and how consistant the velocity was with 350 grain JSP bullets. It has become my powder for several calibers. I have an older Marlin that I installed a Marble tang sight on and that old gun groups very well, too. I think it's good to make hte ancient old caliber hum. I think i ended with 55.0 grains of Benchmark with the 350 grain Hornady and 52.0 fro the 400 grain Swift.
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