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Sako A-V .300 Win Mag Load Suggestions ?

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  • Sako A-V .300 Win Mag Load Suggestions ?

    Hello folks. I purchased a nice used, Sako A-V(5) in December chambered in .300 Win Mag. It has a 24 inch barrel. Just got the Lee Breechlock Press and kit, and plan to buy a .300 Win Mag die set soon. I also got the book titled "Modern Reloading " by Richard Lee. He has listings and loads for the cartridge with different powders and bullets and velocity rates.

    I was wondering (hoping) if one of you Alaskan shooters/hunters had worked up a couple of loads that work OK in the Sako A-V... especially if I am hunting a Moose/Bear *... I'm looking at a 200 to 250 grain round nose...? Maybe?!? My first choice was to get a .375 H&H but after months of shopping online and locally I found this Sako in.300 Win Mag ... and it kept whispering my name--- sooo I had to take it home-.

    My Barber is a real gun-guy/reloader/hunter and has said he uses H4831 in his .300 Win Mags. I know different recipes work better in one rifle than another... any suggestions..? Thanks for any ideas!

    * No plans yet on going Grizzly/Brown hunting, but they are nearby and in town... Yikes- the City Police Chief found a blackie cub under his porch one morning last summer... Just want to be prepared . Grizzlies often get spotted near Duck Flats.

    Mr. Moderator: If this post should be in the "Shooting" section feel free to move it. I'm kinda new to the website. I spent a long time yesterday scrolling around the Threads, but I didn't see any info I could use. If I missed a Thread please point me to it.
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    How's that? I think your in the right spot with this question and I think your barber is spot on also with H4831, but can he cut hair?

    I have some loads for my 300 Sako A-V and BTW that barrel is 24 3/8". With 200 and 220 grain bullets RL-22 seems to work for highest velocity but accuracy it still goes to H4831.
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      Thanks for fixing that typo in my post Murphy. Big thanks for the reply.

      I've always liked the Sako Rifles, but being a born/bred Amer i can I wanted a Winchester Model 70 (pre 64) but the prices are such that I'd need to find a rich (and generous) relative.

      Now I have to talk myself into buying some powder at the local shop... which is not cheap.


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