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  • Low cost balance

    What are your experiences with the low cost digital scales available via eBay? I see a few that are high resolution (.2gr and better). Prices are attractive vs some of the more traditional reloading offerings.

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    Had one; sent it back. Got a PACT and have used it for two year; love it. J.


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      I have an RCBS Range Master 750. This is my third scale as the other two eventually would not maintain a zero setting. This occured within one year of purchase and RCBS replaced the scale each time. I now back up my electronic scale with a balance beam just to make sure my electronic scale isn't drifting off. I don't do this on every powder drop but often enough to have confidence that my electronic scale is functioning properly. Reading here and other reloading web sites I find that this is a very common occurance among all electronic scales with the more name brand scales having the best reputation for fewer problems.

      The moral to the story here is I simply would not purchase an electronic scale except from a company that I believed in. i.e. RCBS, Lyman, Hornady, Pact, etc. At least from a company that had some kind of warranty. Electronic scales, while convinent and functional most of the time, do not have a stellar track record. Should you purchase an electronic scale please use a balance beam scale to verify it is working properly.



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        Cabelas sells a low cost electronic balance at a cost of around $30. It is accurate to .1 gr. I have used it now over a year and have had no problems.

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          test /cal weights

          I would recomend getting a set (at least 2 ) calibration weights to check your scale prior to each reloading session !
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            You will get what you pay for. Low cost is exactly that. Pay the money to get a quality balance and you won't be frustrated further down the line.

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