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  • 375 ruger, 270 tsx, RL15

    I am getting ready to load this one up and was hoping for some feedback.

    I ran it through quickload and came up with a max load of 74.5gr of RL15 at 3.4" COL.

    That said, quickload is somewhat off in the pressure department with the 270 tsx. I have loaded it over IMR 4350 with magnum primers and got about 2600 before I started seeing pressure signs. That one was reading about 4-5K high.

    I am thinking I will load RL15 and use regular primers to keep the pressure down some.

    Got a 22" barrel.

    I am trying to get 2750 out of it.

    Any input appreciated.

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    74.5 RL-15 with a 260gr Nosler Accubond has been a very accurate load in my Ruger .375 with consistent groups around.75" and velocity averaging 2820fps.

    I've been working with the Barnes 300 and 270 with very good accuracy but the velocity is about 150-200 fps slower than the Barnes manual claims. I maxed out the 270gr in my rifle with IMR 4007ssc at 2621fps.

    I plan to start testing with RL-15 soon, time has been my only problem.


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      I don't have my .375 any more, but my notes show I worked up to 76.0 of RL-15 at 3.40" with a 215M primer and 270 TSX.
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        Originally posted by Kay9Cop View Post
        I don't have my .375 any more, but my notes show I worked up to 76.0 of RL-15 at 3.40" with a 215M primer and 270 TSX.
        Hi K9,

        Your post sorta confirms my thoughts about Barnes' data. They claim that 73.5gr of RL-15 is a max load in a .375 Ruger. They also claim that 77.0gr is a max load in the .375 H&H with the same 270gr TSX and RL-15. They have not answered my e-mail or returned my call. I'm afraid someone out there is going to hurt themselves with the .375 H&H data.

        Barnes is claiming 2820fps in the H&H and only 2772fps in the Ruger with the 270TSX. Something about their data smells funny. I haven't had the time to mess with it yet. Other manufacturers are loading the Ruger with more than the H&H across the board.

        After all, Ruger and Hornady claim to out preform the H&H out of a shorter barrle, right?


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          Outperforming the H&H

          correct me if I'm wrong but the 375 ruger is supposed to outperform the H&H in factory hornady loads using a double based powder. Same with the new compact magnums.


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