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  • .300 RUM success

    I found my accurate load today. 3/4" at 100 yards with a factory Rem 700 XCR 300 RUM (with some wind).

    It was out of the Nosler manual but with Scirocco II bullets and different primers.

    180 Gr. Scirocco II
    IMR 4350, 80 Gr.
    trim 2.840"
    COL 3.600"
    Rem brass
    9 1/2 primers

    It is not as fast as the factory ammo or with Retumbo or Magnum, but much more accurate. I may play with accuracy and the faster velocities later, but for now I am happy with driving nails a bit slower. Nosler says is should be running about 3125 fps vs 3250 for factory ammo. Saving money on $70 a box might be worth the 100 fps or so. I will have to find a chronograph some time and make sure. For now I can breathe a little easier knowing I have a round that my gun likes to shoot. Now I have to work on being a good enough shot to make this beast stretch it's legs.

    Anybody else have a good load for the 700 XCR?

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    I plan to be working up some loads for Rem 700 Sendero 300 RUM within the month. I'm picking the rifle up tomorrow form a guy who says it shot factory 180 Sirrccos to about 1" @ 350 yds.

    My guess is that the action and chambering are virtually identical in the Sendero and XCR with the difference being the stock and barrel.

    I will be starting with Retumbo and H-1000, and 180 E-tps, TTSX's and Accubonds, in that order until I fight a tight combo. I'll be using Rem brass (not much choice) and Fed GM215M primers. I am expecting velocities up to 3400 fps but may back off to 3200 or less for recoil and barrel life. After I get a good close to mid range load worked out, I'll start working on a long range load with JLK 210's which advertise a BC of .665

    Have fun with yer outfit, sounds like a dandy set up.

    "You will never know how much it cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you make good use of it."
    ~ John Quincy Adams


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      My custom 300 RUM loves the 180-grain Swift Scirocco II bullets. Awesome accuracy. Works just fine on brown bears!

      I got a pound of Retumbo on hand and I picked up some Barnes 168-grain TTSX bullets and am looking forward to how they shoot in my rifle.

      Daved, I sent you a pm as well.


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