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  • Lee Case Trimmers

    Anyone use these? Were they decent? I bought two the other day, one was misthreaded and the other one had a bent tip (the tip that goes into the flashhole). The threading I could see getting by quality control but I'm not sure how the bent tip got by, the tip was bent on a 45 degree angle. The worst part about it is that I need to drive an hour and a half to get reloading equipment and I had the Forster Trimmer in my hand but was talked into putting it back and getting the Lees by the guy at Cabelas.


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    Although I do have a lathe type trimmer,I have used and still use the Lee trimmers sometimes. I haven't bought any in quite a few years but have never gotten any with the tips even slightly bent. As far as the threads go,I've had some that wouldn't start as easy as I thought they should and would run them through a die(can't remember the size right off) to clean them up.


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      I use them

      pluses- cheap, easy, kinda fool proof, hooks up to a drill to speed things up.

      Minuses- only trims to max trim length, sucks to do large quantities, some of them have had tight threads but as above just clean them real well and it's not an issue.

      They come in clear packages by the way so you could probably weed out the ones with 45 degree angle in the store:cool:. I've also heard of some guys loading them up in a drill press and just putting the case flat on the platform (eliminates the need to put the bullets in the little clamp every time). I might try that.

      Bottom line- to trim some cases that are over max length but not too concerned about ones that are under, they work pretty good.


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        To be honest I don't know how I missed the bent tip. I cleaned up the threads and bent the tip back so it wasn't too big a deal.


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          Just buy a trimmer from I got tired of the case mouths being angled as the case base holders cannot take into account the bases are rarely perpendicular to the mouth.
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