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  • N560 for .300 RUM

    I am getting into reloading now that I have a new .300 RUM 700 XCR. I am working up loads for 180 gr Nosler BT. I plan on using it for moose and elk. I picked a bad time to start this whole business because there is NO powder to be had, ***. I have found some N560, but the data is scarce. Vihtavori is quite proud of it, but some powder is better than no powder (I hope).

    If it is good stuff, I will continue to work-up some loads. I have tried loads from 74-84 grains and they are 2+ moa. I suspect they are lowish on pressure. I will go through the hassle of a chrono when I find something reasonably accurate. Who cares how fast it is if I can't hit anything with it? My gun shoots MOA with factory stuff and I am trying to do better.

    Any opinions or comments regarding N560 would be helpful.

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    Nosler likes IMR4350 loaded to 80.0 grains for that rifle in the 180gr bullet. Barnes likes 97.0 grains of Retumbo. Speer lists 82.0 - 86.0 with N560. It should work out with a little patience.


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      Since you have all ready bought the farm or spent the rent money on that expensive stuff I'd say to continue with your devopment. It generally woluld not be the best choice for accuracy or velocity in that caliber. I have never found the RUM to be happy unless its voluminous case was nearly full and this takes the slowest of powders. I've used Vihta N-165 and N-170 with it and 170 was pretty good but quite a bit slower than N160/560. N-170 only gets 3100 fps from 180's after about 93 grains. We can achieve that velocity with many much smaller magnum cases and twenty grains less powder. You probably won't get that velocity with the faster N-560 and it will top at about 86.0 to 88.0 grains with the 180 grain. With N-165 and 92 grains it reached only 3300 fps with the 168 grain Sierra match bullet. I think I have some powder I'll give up that may be a better propellant RL-25, 95 grains of that will give 3300 fps from the 180's in the RUM. The powder would be a Fairbanks transfer only.
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        Murphy, thanks for the offer on powder. I am not desperate yet, and Fairbanks is a bit far from Anchorage. I can wait. I will have a pound of each today, IMR 7828 and retumbo. It sounds like those will produce better results.

        It is fun and exciting working with this gun. There are all sorts of possibilities, but it will take some work. Should be a fun winter/spring at the range. And an even better fall in the field.

        Any other comments on a good load for the 300 RUM would be appreciated.


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          I use 560 in the 6.5x55 and it is amazingly consistent and deliveres excellent velocities. I hoard it since supplies are limited, like I got lucky the other day and could snag a whole pound from the distibutor, offered it to a guy and he turned it down because it was $45 per pound......

          Dude I can barely get it


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            If you are in anchorage, Great Northern Guns has a bunch (5 or 6 pounds) of 560, 160 and I think 140. A few 2 or 3 pounders of something else I am not familiar with. They don't have much of anything else though.

            Thanks for the info.


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              Forget the rest of the powders and jump right into the fray with Retumbo. And when you come across it, try some RL-22 powder as well.


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