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9.3 x 62 honady

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  • 9.3 x 62 honady

    I have picked up 2 boxes of 286gn hornady sp. as a cheaper alternative to noslers for practice and deer. Speer .270 are currently unavailable. Anyway the hornady are less than half the price of Nosler.

    No data for re 15. Thinking of starting at 55gn with lapua cases and working up to about 2450... I hope.

    Can anyone comment on bullet construction of hornady sp vs Nosler as it relates to pressure and velocity when reloading?

    I am looking forward to practicing without the cringe of using a $1.50 bullet to punch paper.


    I have tried accubonds and 4064 which were very accurate but velocity was unimpressive with the 4064.

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    I've been collecting reload data for the 9.3x62 for the last year. I've come up with one source for the Hornady w/RL15 so far. Hope it helps.


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      John Barness has some good data for the 9.3 X 62 I have loaded the 286 Hornady and pressures seemed less than the 286 Expensive Nosler P. I used the same load and accuracy was great. E mail me via my Profile & I will send you my loading data via Excel
      Spread sheet. Kurt


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