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    Thought this might be interesting to some. Me and my wife went down to Reno to the SCI show, after the show we drove 1600 miles through Oregon, Nevada and California visiting. In Reno there is a sportsmans warehouse, a Cabelas, and scheels (Scheels is 3 times bigger than any Cabelas!) anyway I could not believe what I saw there, Cabelas and Sportsman, had pretty much nothing as far as ammo went, I was looking for bullets and they didnt have much, so I went out to Scheels, they had some but it was going fast!! the place was packed I talked to guys there that had driven as far as Northern Montana to try and get stuff!! The sales staff were telling me they just cant get ammo and bullets there is a huge shortage everywhere! So on our drive I stopped at every gun store I could find, and it was the same story at every one! I know there is not supposed to be any politicial posts on here (I strongly disagree with that but so be it) so I wont go into this to far, but at the SCI show I talked with 3 major bullet makers, and every one told me we were in real trouble, and every one had paperwork at thier booth you could read on this encodeing BS. It is real and the powers we have at the top will try to push it through. I was born in California and what they have done there is disgusting, just try to read all the rules above every gun rack in that state! you would need a Lawyer to buy anything there! I was shocked, here in Canada we have it pretty good. I understand that politicial stuff can go to far, but after what I saw in the last 2 weeks I dont think this forum is doing justice for all americians gun rights and it irks me, my grandad died for this country! Every gun owner should know what Obama and his crew are trying to do. A sales rep. for Hornady told me this "brace yourself you aint seen nothing yet"!! Thank god our local store still had a good supply of powder, I bought enough yesterday for the rest of my life.

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    I drive by Bass Pro Shop and Sportsman's Warehouse on the way home from work. They get a truck every Thursday morning. By the time I get there they're sold out of powder, cases and bullets. If I'm lucky enough to get there early I get to dig through the boxes with a few other nuts. Lately I have had to work with odd ball powders to shoot my hand loads. My favorites are no where to be found. I feel your pain and believe your story.


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      I know, it sucks. I went to to Vegas 2 weeks ago and BP was out of everything as well. Now for some good news, an order of 8# of Varget I placed with a local person 2 months ago is finally in. Off to pick it up.......


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        How the heck can the current administration make bullets, primers, brass, and powder so hard to get? Are people stocking up so fast that the factories just can't keep up or what? If the ammunition thing passes, everything you own becomes illegal instantly... Hmmmm.



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