Help with loading 300 RUM please.



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  • Help with loading 300 RUM please.

    I'm kinda new to reloading and so far have just reloaded 44 mag and spl for my Ruger Redhawk. Today I started on my 300 RUM. Had a real hard time finding retumbo powder, which I wanted but did buy some Accurate Magpro as that is all I have seen in stock for my RUM.

    I have been going by the book and so far have resized new cases and deburred the edges of the neck and washed them. I then installed the primers, CCI mag primer large rifle 250.

    The speer manual calls for a starting load of 79 grains which I accuratly loaded.

    Next I seated the 200 gr Nosler Accubond spitzer to the tested COAL of 3.600. I held it up to a factory Corelokt ultra psp 180 gr which measured at 3.534. I loaded the Nosler round in the magazine at it just barely fit so I took it down to 3.574 where it fits but not by alot. Is this ok or can I take it down to the same length as the factory round? I have only loaded one round so far and have not been able to load the magazine up the whole way to see how they will load. I understand the closer to the rifling with out touching is best but will I lose much accuracy reducing the tested COAL?

    My next question, which I think is really important is if I should put any crimp on it. The book says only if there are cannalures, which the Accubonds do not have. It also says if you have a rifle with alot of recoil, which the 300 RUM is noted for, it may move the bullets in the cases so a crimp could be needed. Not sure what to do?

    I want to load about 10 rounds and see how they do. I might load 5 with 80 gr to see if there is much difference. 83 grains are the max. Still not as fast as Retumbo but its all I can find at this time.

    My next question or statement is if anyone can give me any advice I would really appreciate it. I have been having a ball learning to reload the 44 but the 300 ultramag just takes a little more "tinkering".

    Thanks for the help!

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    I've pushed accubonds, partitions, and TSX's through my Rem 700 300RUM. I've used Retumbo, H870, RL25, IM7828, and RL22 with these bullets. My most accurate loads have been with RL22. I don't have a chrony but those accurate loads have been with a near max charge of RL22 and 200gr. TSX's, COL 3.6", Fed 215M primers, and Remington brass. I'll post a picture of the target if you would like.


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      Alot of people I have talked to recommend Retumbo and I am sure there are alot of other good powders out there. All I could seem to find for my Rem 700 xcr rum is the Magpro and have not heard alot about it. The only reason I bought it at SW in Wasilla was because I looked in their Speer manual and it was in there for my rifle. Its about the slowest I guess but it was on the shelf(1 pound). Never know, maybe I can work up a accurate load. Just need help with crimping and the COAL as this is the first time reloading rifle rounds. Thanks


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        300 rum

        Hi Stormy,

        I've been loading and hunting with the 300 rum for a few years now.
        To begin don't crimp the 200 grain AB. I use Redding dies and have never had a bullet move under recoil.
        As far as OAL my rums are model 700's and 3.63 OAL works best in my rifles. Most accurate and feeds smoothly. If your using a Rem 700 3.63 works. I've even went to 3.66-67 with some bullets but .67 is cutting it a little too close.
        With 200 bullets I found H870 gives the best crono speeds but retumbo is close behind. For 165-180's retumbo is the best but both powders will give sub MOA in my guns with the right bullet.
        Just my experience but I've had best results with Fed 215 primers in the rums.

        You will like the 200 AB on game too.

        Hope this helps.


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