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  • Removing moly

    I have a bunch of FailSafe bullets that are coated with moly (yes, it's moly, not Lubalox). Not wishing to mix plain copper jacketed bullets with moly coated bullets, does anyone know of any effective moly remover? (Cheap and easy would also be a plus.)

    Thank you.
    In God We Trust.

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    Haven't tried it, but a case cleaner with walnut shell media would be worth trying. If you don't already have one, I'm not sure what else to try.
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      I tried to use a case cleaner to take it off bullets I had-didn't work very well. Took it off the corners at the base, but not on the bearing surface of the bullet.


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        Ignorant question


        What's the issue with mixing moly coated and plain copper jackets? Are you worried about some sort of reaction when the two leave their fouling in the barrel, or are we just talking about their not being comparable when one works up a load?


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          Not Compatible


          I made a helluva mess in my barrel last summer -- between copper fouling and moly. I think I even had alternating layers of the crap. Had one heckuva time getting rid of it all. I'd use a copper solvent to remove the copper only to find a layer of gray/black crap. Got rid of that and found more copper, etc. I'll never mix the two again. And since Fail Safe bullets have been discontinued, I probably don't have to worry about making that mistake (although I don't know if Nosler is coating their new XP3 with moly or not).

          Moly might have its place in the bench-rest target shooting world (although it has fallen out of favor there as well), but I can see no real reason to use it in hunting rifle applications.

          P/S. I was able to remove some of the coating with nail polish remover, but not a lot.
          In God We Trust.


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