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6.8 Spc Vs. 270

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  • 6.8 Spc Vs. 270

    I'm looking at both for my son and just looking for thoughts about pros and cons. I already reload for the 270 and plan too for the 6.8 if we go that way. This will be his first big game rifle, thanks for any info.

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    I have one of the Remington 700 Tacticals that were built for the 2005 SHOT Show as a Limited Edition. It is on par with the 250 Savage except that it shoots .277 caliber bullets instead of .257 caliber. 115 grains will be considerd a heavy bullet for this cartridge. You can expect to get roughly 2500-2550 FPS from that bullet weight and it should be a fairly good White Tail cartridge.


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      I think it's an interesting round, from what I'm hearing and reading, but I think I'd go with a .257 Roberts, 6.5 Swede or 7mm-08 instead, for big game. Just an opinion. Of course, it is fun to hunt with something not everyone else is using. For Alaska hunting, I think that would work for blacktails; and maybe close shots at sheep and caribou, which ain't so easy to get close shots at. It'd kill a moose or bear, but I wouldn't feel comfortable having it as a new hunter's first Alaskan big game rifle.

      The only similarity between the 6.8 and .270 is bullet diameter; kinda like comparing a .22 Hornet to a .22-250....kinda.


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        6.9 Spc


        I have looked over a Remington model 700 something or other ( I can't keep track of all the models) in that 6.8 SPC. As a kids rifle it would rank quite well. Similar to the CZ 527 in 7.62 x 39. Light weight and very low in recoil. I think it would be a very good starter rifle for kids. Ballistically it would pale against a real hunting caliber but for fun and learning to shoot, it would do fine. I'm not sure it is up to a caribou hunt but could be a good whitetail/black tail rifle. It is about the equal of the 250 Savage which has been used a lot for deer. Handloading it would be the way to go and I'd use a Hornady or Speer 130 grain soft point at about 2400 fps. I'm curious about this caliber also and am considering it for my 10 year old granddaughter. I just didn't like the Remington rifle. The CZ 527 carbine in 7.62x39 is a very good rifle, most kids take to them very well. I don't know if anyone else chambers for that 6.8.
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