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  • Best case trimmer

    Will be looking to buy a new case trimmer soon. Application will be rifle cases only.
    Would like some feedback as to which trimmers you more experienced reloaders recommend, and why?


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    I've only ever owned/used one case trimmer -- made/sold by Redding. I finally replaced the cutter about a year ago (after 20 years of use), but the trimmer itself is still going strong. Others may agree or disagree, but IMO, you can't go wrong with Redding/Saeco products.
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      I use the Forester case trimmer.


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        I have used the RCBS Pro Trimmer with good success over the years!


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          Case trimmers..


          The Forester case trimmer is one of the best and a favorite with the BR crowd. I have one and I also have a Redding trimmer. I like them both.
          The Forester is a little more versatile, and light weight. You can get short or long beds for it for to trim everything from the super shorts to the BMG 50. It is modular and very simple, you can add neck turning attachments and such. They also sell an accessory kit with all the pilots and collets and extras. I use mine almost everyday.

          There is a new Redding model with a Titanium Nitride (like TC) cutter and some minor changes from the old model I have. It looks good but I haven't used it. My old one works like a champ but I have added a new cutter shaft after about 20 years of use.
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            I like the Forster too. I've used mine for 40 plus years, and have never felt the need for anything else.
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              Hornady Case Trimmer

              I have used the RCBS Case trimmer but after looking at the Hornady Case trimmer I like it better!

              My vote goes to the Hornady Case Trimmer!


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                I've been using the Wilson trimmer for a very long time, like since 1970. Not a lot of bells and whistles. Why use an ICBM when a well placed rock will do as well? One of the attributes I absolutely love is the primer pocket reamer, and what it does to GI crimped primer pockets.
                The trimmer, all of the shellholders, and the tools I use with it fit into a cigar box.
                Not nearly as fast as a lot of other trimmers, but what the heck. My routine is to set up on the bench, have a big mug of hot coffee sitting there, turn on the radio, or invite one of the boys over for an evening. They shoot the stuff, they might as well put some effort into making it up.....besides, I like 'em just a bit!


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