Need a 375 ruger load, 270 gr TSX, IMR 4350



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  • Need a 375 ruger load, 270 gr TSX, IMR 4350

    Anybody getting around 2800 fps with the barnes 270 tsx ??
    I searched the forum and could not find any.

    Right now I have 2 bottles of IMR 4350 so I had decided to use that, but open to suggestions.
    Using CCI magnum primers, but I have normal CCI BR primers too.
    I have only tried the magnum primers in this round.

    Cant really find a good load with that powder for that bullet anywhere.
    375 ruger data is sort of scarce.

    For some reason quickload does not handle barnes bullets so well with some rounds. It gives a higher than actual pressure so I am moving slow on this one. Does the same thing with the 6.8 spc.

    I guess this must be one of the shell bullet combos it does not like.

    Right now I am up to 78 gr and the case and primer looks fine.
    Chronod at 78gr at about 2600 fps, but looking for around 2750-2800.

    After comparing other loads other bullets, I think 80-82 gr of IMR 4350 might be doable with the 270 TSX. Of corse I will work up slowly.

    The rifle is a control feed action Savage with a 22" Shaw 1:12 twist barrel.

    I have a good load worked up with the 225 hornady spire points.
    Got up to 86 gr of IMR 4350 and got about 2950 FPS out of that load.

    I think I could push it a little more though.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I have been messing with that round for a while now.

    RL-15 74.4gr
    CCI 250
    Nosler Accubond 260gr
    COL 3.320
    2825 fps
    My best Nosler load so far, .72" three shot group.

    H-4350 82.5gr
    CCI 250
    Nosler Accubond 260gr
    COL 3.320
    Three shot group right at an inch. This powder is close to your IMR4350 and your custom rifle should preform better than my off the shelf Ruger.

    I just recently worked with the Barnes TSX 270gr.

    IMR 4007ssc 80.5gr
    CCI 250
    Barnes TSX 270gr
    COL 3.305
    Five shot group under an inch, four within .57"

    I worked up several combinations and worked up in .3gr steps. Velocity was measured and 80.5 is the max charge with IMR 4007ssc.

    80.8gr showed a very small increase and 81.1 showed no gain. This powder was choosen because of Barnes's recommendations. I don't think it's matched very well to the 20" barrel, perhaps your 22" will work better. I plan on trying RL-15, H-380 and Varget soon.

    For what it's worth, I've tried Fed 215, 215M and CCI 250 primers in a variety of Ruger .375 loads. The CCI 250's gave lower ES and SD numbers in every sample.
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      I think Varget might be too fast for the 270 TSX, but who knows.

      I loaded some 225 gr hornadys over H4895 which is just a tad faster than varget speed, but got pressure signs very early like the first shot. Actually got flattened primers on my starting load of 81 gr which should have been at 49K according to QL.

      Then again I was using magnum primers.

      Your getting 2631 out of 4007 SSC with a 20" barrel.

      Personally I think the barnes numbers are a bit optomistic.
      To get 2800 out of that load at 63.5k would take something like a 28" + barrel
      according to QL.

      The barnes numbers are supposedly with a 24" barrel.
      A 4" drop off of max should give you 2740 which is a good ways from the 2631 fps of your load.

      Could be your chrono is off, but then again I thought mine was reading low too.


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        I also thought my Chrono might be off. I went out to the range with a few rounds that I had loaded for my September hunt and they checked out fine. I also shot a few proven rounds with my .308 and they checked out.

        The accuracy with the 270 TSX was surprisingly good. I'll continue to improve the velocity with an other powder. I have a large supply of RL-15 and it works very good with the 260gr Accubond in my rifle.

        Good luck with your load development and post your results. Keep in mind that the H4350 and the IMR4350 are different.

        As far as your flattened primers are concerned, I've noticed that my primer pockets get loose after 3-4 reloads with the Hornady brass. Loose pockets will cause the primers to work out against your bolt and get flat even with less than max pressures.


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          Yes know about the differnece.
          I have both H4350 and IMR 4350.
          Have more of IMR 4350 so using that for now.

          I have had good luck with RL powders, IE 10x etc
          so I will probably drop 4350 and go to RL15.

          Wish I could find some RL17 though for heavy bullets.


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            Jump right to the RL-15 powder. Best powder for the 375's.


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