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  • 375 Dakota

    I am looking for reloading data for the 375 Dakota. All of the current reloading manuals that I have contain no data for this cartridge. I plan to contact both Barnes and Dakota for their input but would like to find published (and hence pressure tested) specific data. My preference for bullets is the Barnes TSX. Thanx in advance.
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    A quick google search and this popped up:

    "The Sixth Edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading shows .375 Dakota loads for their 270 grain bullets at MV's from 2300 fps to 2800 fps with several powders. 58.2 grains of RL-15 powder behind a 270 grain Hornady Spire Point Interlock bullet gives a MV of 2300 fps. A charge of 70.5 grains of the same powder gives a very practical MV of 2700 fps and ME of 4370 ft. lbs. with the 227 grain bullet. The trajectory of that load looks like this: +2.7" at 100 yards, +2.8" at 150 yards, +1.3" at 200 yards, -2.0" at 250 yards, and -7.0" at 300 yards. The MPBR (+/- 3") of that load is 262 yards. This seems like a good general purpose load for a .375 Dakota rifle. These Hornady loads used Dakota cases and Federal 215 primers and were chronographed in the 25" barrel of a Dakota 76 rifle"

    Then you can check here:

    Should give you a starting point.


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      Or you could check with Murphy he's loaded for about twenty of them.

      Do you have a Dakota?

      You could also call Dakota Arms in Sturgis and ask for Ward Dobler, he does the ammo making there. Tell him I said hi and the 416 Murphy is working out great.
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        Murphy - I will PM you for reloading suggestions for my most recent Dakota. I have know Ward for years and in fact had several conversations with him face to face last week re: some nuances regarding Dakota actions and calibers. He was not in today when I called.
        "Actions speak louder than words - 'nough said"


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          I haven't forgotton your request, just been hobblin' around and trying to shoot another caliber.

          The Dakota will hold about 4 grains more powder than the Ruger so should times get hard the Data for the 375 Ruger in the Hodgdons Reloading Magazine will work for starters.

          I did find some of my notes for the 270 TSX with H4350 and it has been H4350 that has been so good. It has been so predicatable across a range of loads with this caliber and others of similar capacity. Also RL-15 was good with the 270 grain bullets. I have some data with Vihta powders if you have them in hand. (N150, N160 and N550)

          The 270 TSX, DA brass, CCI-250, 24" bbl.
          75.0 grs, 2610 fps---------68.0 grs, 2622 fps
          76.0 grs, 2651 fps---------69.0 grs, 2655 fps
          77.0 grs, 2694 fps---------70.0 grs, 2694 fps
          78.0 grs, 2717 fps---------71.0 grs, 2733 fps
          79.0 grs, 2738 fps---------72.0 grs, 2768 fps
          80.0 grs, 2771 fps --------73.0 grs, 2797 fps

          I don't own a 375 Dakota but I have loaded for them several times. I did get a chance to test one with some loads with 270 grain TSXs back in the summer. I would like to try this new RL-17 or the new IMR4007 ssc. We are achieving 2660 fps with 300 grains in the 375 Ruger with H4350 and IMR4007ssc. If you have some of that IMR 4007ssc it would max at about 81 grains for the 375 Dakota and 270 grain TSX's. This will hit about 2800 fps. Enjoy the Dakota.
          Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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            375 Dakota

            Murphy - Thanx for the recommendations, along with Ward's recommended receipts and some data from Barnes (all of which is pretty congruent) I should have more than enough information to at least initiate some reloading.
            "Actions speak louder than words - 'nough said"


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