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  • powder from Canada?

    Given the continuing difficulty in finding powder in Fairbanks, I'm wondering what is involved in buying powder in Canada and bringing it back here. I usually get over to Whitehorse several times per year, and I'll probably be there in March. Has anyone ever bought powder in Canada? Any regulations there that are different from here, such as ID/citizenship requirements or limits on how much you can buy? What about bringing it back? I realize it might be more expensive there, but I figure that by the time you pay shipping and hazmat to get it here from the Lesser 48, the price difference might not be all that much.
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    Surprisingly (to me anyway), its cheaper to buy it through Natchez and ship it here than to buy it at Sportsmens (provided they ever get some back in).

    Sorry, I dont have any good info about powder in Canada. I would assume that its a lot harder to come by there due to the fact you cant cross into Canada with it in your vehicle, not sure about leaving Canada though. Good luck!


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