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Contender 375 JDJ Misfires

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  • Contender 375 JDJ Misfires

    Does anyone have any advice on a problem that I have encountered? I have a new encore in the 375 JDJ. I purchaised a box of the Thompson 220 gr. factory ammunition and went to the range. I fired several acceptable groups right off the bat. Great, so I decided to go on a hunt for venison. I fired 1 shot 1 kill. Second shot Misfire. I reloaded and the primer was dented, I took another shot, another deer for the freezer. I was unhappy with the misfire so I went and bought another box of ammunition and went to the range. 2 more misfires in that box of 20!!! I am baffled. I cant take this into the field with confidence, so I purchaised a third factory box of ammunition, and 2 more misfires? What gives? Any advice would be appreciated!
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    T/C problems...


    10% misfires! It has to be the gun. I'd contact T/C and talk with them. They market the ammo too, right? It has to be their problem, one way or the other. I can't believe it is the primers. I haven't had six primer failures in the last 600,000 rounds I've fired. This is your first experience with this gun, right? Good round though. I had a JDJ special in the 375 on a Contender frame. Good setup.
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      My initial thoughts firing pin?

      Thanks for the insight, I think it must be the gun. I have not had a misfire on any ammunition before. I think I will contact Thompson Center and see if they have any similar cases. See what they say. I like the round so far, but would like to get it right. The firing pin must need tweaking or headspace must be out of adjustment? I do appreciate your response, Mik
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        I agree, especially since those are TC factory loads, and you haven't had the problem with anything else. The only time I've run into chronic misfires with the Contender has been with the 35 Rem and 7mm TCU and their minimum shoulders. Fire forming and neck sizing solved it. My limited experience and reading with the Encore tells me it's even less prone to misfires, so it's time to pick up the phone- especially since the 375 is a rimmed case.

        Notice how this kind of thing only seems to happen during hunting season?
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          Is it possible after the firing that maybe some posered blew back and is gumming up the firing pin? It might either slow it down or not allow it to go forward enough to ignite the primer. I had a buddy that didn't clean his rifle and couldn't understand why his bolt was so gummed up and the firing pin was hardly moving. Please don't take it that I think you do not take care of your weapons, its just a though.


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            I've seen it reported on other forums that misfires with T/C guns are from one of two reasons: a weak hammer spring or too much headspace between the barrel and breech face. Try for more info.
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              I spoke to TC and they had me remove the hammer extension, it slows the hammer throw and wont completely fire the primer. Problem solved. Tested and Proven.
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                Encore snaps...

                Interesting about the hammer extension. I guess it slows it just enough. Seems we're operating on the edge though, doesn't it. I'm not familiar with the Encore at all, all my experience was with the Contender, but it had a light hammer fall too. Of course a heavy hammer introduces an adverse element to shooting accuracy.
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                  Remove parts?

                  I was thinking of a contender for my son but I have an issue with the post above. When you got the rifle was the hammer extension on the gun from the factory? If so when you talked to them and they told you to remove factory parts, that indicates a defective item. It's nice to have a quick fix and your still shootin but we paid good money for all of the parts to work and work as advertised. My biggest issue is they new the problem from the factory, how bout fix it before it hits the store. If it's an after maket item diregard the above.



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                    The encore definately seems to have a weak spring. I have one with a .308 handgun barrel. I fired off some handloads, all good and fine, and then tried some mil-surp, and it wouldn't fire them. Given the mil-surp has a tougher primer for use in full autos, but they've never failed to fire in my .308 rifle.

                    I can't abide marginal ignition, and will put up with a heavier trigger pull if needed with a sufficiently stout firing pin fall.

                    I never had a problem with my contender firing and I put thousands of rounds through it.
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                      Go to the site Kay9Cop posted. They talk about this exact problem & sell easily instaled extra power hammer springs to cure the problem even with the extension.
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