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    What would we get if we crossed a Swift A-frame with a Barnes TSX?

    Who out there has used the North Fork bullets? These are some pretty serious duty bullets. I've used them some and have some more on order to further test in different calibers. The 380 grain .423" should be a good one for the 404. I have never recovered them from any animal. I loaded them for three different hunters on a hunt together hoping to see one after it was used. 21 animals later and I'm still looking for one. I don't think penetration is a problem for them.

    Another super bullet out lately is the MRX Barnes. This is not solid copper, but not lead either. Depleted plutonium? Some pretty serious stuff. A real heavy weight. Actually very similar to the North Fork but not lead. Hmmm!? I haven's got them loaded up yet but working on it. Anyone else used them?
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    Originally posted by Murphy View Post
    Another super bullet out lately is the MRX Barnes. This is not solid copper, but not lead either. Depleted plutonium?

    Tungsten core. Spendy too. At dealer cost they are any where from $17.79 per 20 for 277 caliber up too $18.59 per 20 for 338 caliber. They also have a Delrin tip.

    I also have some North Fork bullets in the 277 150 grain weight. Haven't started working up a load for them.


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      I haven't used the NF, but have been researching them for future use. They kinda appear to be similar to Trophy Bonded Bear Claws with grooves cut into them.
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        Sorry to bring an old topic to the top, but I've used Mike Brady's North Fork bullets in my 300 H&H. The 200 grain. They are very impressive. Accuracy in every load I tried was very good to excellent. The load I finally settled on, I took to Zimbabwe and took 4 large antelope - Sable, Greater Kudu, Nyala and Waterbuck. Terminal performance was impressive. Didn't recover a single bullet. Internal damage on the animals was tremendous. I would not hesitate to use these on elk, moose and bear (grizzly and browns). I'm a fan.


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          yea, I too have picked up from Mike a couple of boxes of .338 dia. 225 grns and will shoot them this spring on Grizz in my .338-06--sure would like to have one as a keeper. Perhaps a frontal shot will give me a souvenoir-we'll see.


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