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  • Jammed Primer

    This sucks.;
    I got a ruger .300win mag Ive for about a year now. Its been collecting dust pretty much. Last fall I prepped some brass. I loaded the primers using the old rcbs arm in my press. But on one of my cases the primer didnt feed right and got squished so it was out of round. I loaded some barnes triple shocks today with that brass and went to the range. When fired that round I cought powder frag in the face. When I ejected the shell I could see gas had got by the primer. I removed the bolt and was bummed. Only 100 rnd through this rifle so far. The gas torched a 1/8 " long cut like a torch into the face of the bolt. I think the bolt is ok becuase it will still support the primer but might want to get this repaired. Will ruger fix it? And How? Before this happened I already bought a rcbs handheld primer tool because of primer misfires on my other rifles.

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    Don't even think about shooting it again till it's fixed. Yeah, Ruger can fix it, but most likely at the cost of replacing the bolt. They're pretty quick, but expect some grief if you've made mods to the gun.
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      Primer Problems

      Wow! The primer didn't hold at all did it? Must have skinned the side of the cup down when seating the thing and that made a leak. One little hole and that hot, 65,000 psi gas can really do some work. Definately don't shoot it again. Your rifle must have very good gas handling capability to keep from ripping up your face. Hooyah, for Ruger. Was the primer cup completely gone? They have a way of getting vaporized. Sorry about the bad luck.
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        Bolt repair?

        the primer didnt pop out or blow out but the gas got by between the outside wall of the primer and the inside wall of the orimer pocket. Yea I put timney trigger on it so I dont know If they will warranty it But it pretty much my fault no matter how you look at it. So I dont mind paying them to fix it. Is each bolt rifle specific or can they just send me a bolt? Or can I just send them my bolt and they just repair or replace without sending the whole rifle in?


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          You'll have to send them the complete rifle, as the headspace is set between the bolt face and the barrel. This is a critical dimension (within a few thousandths of an inch) and hence they'll have to fit a new bolt to your action, and perhaps set the barrel back to get it all correct.

          I've heard if you have an aftermarket trigger in your ruger and sent it back, the rifle will be returned with a factory trigger. So either put the oritiginal trigger back in, or send it in w/o a trigger.

          Definately a bummer! A good policy to hold is anytime a case is tweaked during the reloading process, dump it.
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            thanks for the help. tell you one thing though, the timney trigger turns the ruger into a whole new rifle. Takes a little work to install but I went from shooting 2" at 100 to 1" at a hundred. It Really likes 180grn barnes with rx22 too eats em like candy.


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              Ruger bolt

              Are you sure the bolt face didn't already have that cut already in it? They do have a slot cut into them for the ejector to go through to pop the spent case out of the action.
              I've had several primers blow out in the past but never actually had gas cut into the bolt like that. The bolts, especially around the face and locking lucks should be heat treated.
              Ruger will not send you a bolt as each bolt must be fitted to the individual rifle. I'm sure Ruger will take care of you properly. Their customer service is excellent.


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                im sure

                it was obviosly made by blowby. When I removed the primer from the case it was obviosly damaged on installation into the brass. its a semicircular cut that half moons around the firing pin. It even got so hot it tried to braze brass from the shell into the groove cut by the gas.


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