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    Anyone have any good handloads for the 450? I know mine sure kick!

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    450 Loads

    No! All of mine kick! So I guess they aren't good either.

    Use RL-7 powder and the 350 grain Hornady FP. You can load that down to a very light load. Anywhere from 35-45 grains of RL-7 and the 350 gr. FP.
    Maybe that will feel better.

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      kick no matter

      just wondering if theres anything special out there.
      Im loading 350 grn kodiaks with cci large rifle primers, 60.5 grns of AA2230. It holds 2 to 3 inch groups at 100yds with 4x scope. If its a bear tuff bullet I want to handload some of the rubber tipped hornady bullets. Anyone knbow if the bullet is sposed to be tough enuff for the shoulder of a moose or browny out 150b yds? I use my 450 gg. as a brush rifle for deer in browny country so the bullet integrity is crucial. Ive used the .458 cal FP to make a canoo out of deer vitals even though it doesnt expand. But I want the bullet to hold up against a browny if its ever needed. I havnt bumped into one yet but on Admiralty Isl. if you put your time every year like me and my buds do your bound to have an encounter eventually.


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        For my "plinking" load I like 46 grains of H4198 with the Hornady 350's......a nice light (relatively speaking) recoiling load that my GG will shoot one big hole with all day. For heavier stuff I've been using 52 grains of H322 with the Kodiak 405's. At one time I also tried some Barnes X 250's with 54 grains of H4198, but consistent accuracy was not so good with those. I've experimented with various powder/bullet/primer combinations, but 4198 and 322 with LR or LR Benchrest primers seem to do well out of my gun. I also have some 400 grain Barnes RN solids that I'd like to cook up something for Mr. Bear with and just recently I picked up some loaded up Buffalo Bore 450's that look real promising. Recoil is stout, but accuracy is pretty good. And I've also been trying out the LeverEvolution 325's that just came out, but accuracy out of my GG is not as good as the factory 350's. I'm gonna give the gummy bullets another try this weekend out of my 450M bolt and BLR and see what I can get with those.
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          I suggest the 350 gr Stoner Bullet.........FNGC that Mr Stoner from Ancorage sells. He sells them to Africa hunters.......I have used them for several years in my GG 45-70 loaded hot!

          His number is 907-376-9488

          Stoner Premium Hardcast
          Sized @ .459"
          350 gr. Flat Nose Gas Check (FNGC)


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            450 grain 450 loading

            Considering the very close connection between the 450 and the 45-70, I wonder why a 400-405 grain loading isn't considered more often. If you want less kick, get a better pad or a smaller caliber. The 400 grainers will give you all the 350s do and more at the same ranges and, considering the proper range for that cartridge, even with the slightly pointed bullet Hornady uses in the new ammo, I think the heavier, more traditional hard cast bullet in the heavy weight would do a better job. Go Figure.


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