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  • gunbugs
    Best also to let people know where you are. It is useful information. If you are on the peninsula, I probably won't drive from Fairbanks to swap out a pound of powder....

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  • AKfowler
    started a topic Reloading Supplies - Swap Page

    Reloading Supplies - Swap Page

    I got into reloading a few years ago, primarily for 300 WSM, 44 mag, and more recently 243 as my children have grown into that caliber. As I trialed different load setups for these rounds, I ended up accumulating a variety of components, some of which I don't anticipate using. This got me thinking - most reloaders probably end up with a handful of supplies, some of which didn't proves useful, so they were shelved and possibly forgotten. I'm guessing the shelved supplies I have may be just the thing someone else is looking for, and vise versa (hopefully!). If you have an excess reloading supplies you'd be willing to trade, post them here. To be clear, nothing is intended to be sold, just trading to help fill each other's needs.

    To get things started, here's what I have available to trade:

    Powder: IMR4064, H414, H4350

    - 30 cal, 110g Hornady Vmax (~ 80-90 count)
    - 30 cal, 150g Hornady FMJ ( ~ 50 count)

    Primers: Winchester large rifle primers (100), Winchester large pistol primers (100)

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    Powder: Alliant Reloader 17

    - 243 cal, 80g Barnes TTSX BT

    mods - apologies if this isn't allowed, in the wrong place, or redundant -> fix as you see necessary

    edit - I'm located in Anchorage
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