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IMR 4227 for .44 magnum?

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  • IMR 4227 for .44 magnum?

    I am using IMR 4227 for the first time.

    The load data shows 22 gr. starting load for 240gr JHP (1458 f/s).

    Wow....22 gr. seems like a lot of powder for a pistol!

    My intuition is telling me I should ask around before trying this.


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    I load 23 grains of 296 behind a 265 grain Hornady bullet.
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      It looks like the burn rate is slightly below 296 and 110. Checking with IMR and a few other sites, it looks like 22 grains is the place to start with a 240 cast(4227). IMR lists starting 296 at 23 grains and they both top out (4227) at the same at 24 grains. My Contender reloading manual states the same with only one-of-six manufactures suggesting anything more.

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        The Hodgdon site shows starting load of IMR 4227 as 22.0 for 1301 fps and max load of 24.0 for 1458. They used Nos 240 JHP.

        I tried IMR 4227 when I first started loading the .44. I was not I remember at less than full charge there was a lot of unburned powder. I have none of it my powder supply. Other powders worked better for me; 110/296 for power loads and Unique for mid loads. I've been playing with 231 for light loads.


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          I usually check more than one source. I really like the Speer manual, but use Hornady and Barnes both also. Barnes is mostly for my loads with Barnes bullets.
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