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Alaska Bullet Works, sad news.

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  • Alaska Bullet Works, sad news.

    Karl Meilke of Alaska Bullet Works fame in Juneau went to his heavenly reward last month. I will miss talking with him when I ordered his bullets. In my opinion he may have made the best flat nosed expanding bullets for lever guns and Alaska's big game. He was in his mid 80's and told me last time we spoke he was not sure how long he would keep making bullets and when he quit no one else seemed interested in doing it. He was working on some 220 grain flat points for my .356 Win. and my last purchase was 250 grain bullets for my .348 Win. and 350 grain for my 45-70. Rest in peace Karl, your obituary speaks to a life well lived.

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    Always a sad deal when talented folks pass on. We sold his bullets at Down under in Fbks when I was there. Quality stuff. He would just mail up the bullets with an invoice, and we would send him a check. Good guy.
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      After Down Under closed, I bought directly from him. I'd just call him when I needed some bullets and he'd ship them directly to my house. The first time I ever talked to him I asked him if he needed my credit card info over the phone. He said, "Are you going to to pay me?" I said yes, and he sent the bullets with an invoice. Great guy, and every time I talked to him he was a pleasure to do business with.
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