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Load Suggestions for Tikka T3x .300 Win Mag

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  • Load Suggestions for Tikka T3x .300 Win Mag

    Was looking for suggestions for loading a bullet for big game for the Tikka T3X Superlite .300 Win Mag. I'm new to loading so I don't know anything so the more specific you are the better. Barrel is a 1:11 twist, I understand the COAL may be an issue with the mgazines but haven't found a good answer on what works exactly. probably be shooting 100-400 yards, kind of intrigued by the Hornady ELD-X bullet but not sure if they will work. I know from other forums that somebody wont be able to resist telling me how they loaded their .300 WSM, don't really feel its relevant to my question. Thanks!!!

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    While I am not a fan of the 300 WM, I can still offer some input. The 300 WM is very popular and most bullets work well in this caliber. I think the more important question will be what are you going to hunt? To me, bullet construction is on the top of my list, on which bullet I choose. I am a fan of the Barnes bullets, but for just good trigger time Sierra's are worth looking at. Most of the bullets out there are of good quality or they would not stay in business for long. Try several and see what YOUR rifle likes!
    Beside reloading can be fun!!!!!


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