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  • 7x57 Ackley Improved

    Can I fire 7mm rounds in a 7x57 Ackley improved to fire form some cases for reloading with my 7x57 dies?
    I was told I could by the guy I got the rifle from but want to be sure!

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    That's the way to make AI brass, but make sure the chamber isn't too deep to the point of having a headspace problem since that can cause case head separation. SInce it's a known gun you should have no problems.
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      I'm not sure you said what you really mean. Yes you can fire form 7x57 mauser brass in a 7x57 AI chamber to form 7x57 AI reloadable brass. But, If your gun is a 7x57AI, using standard 7x57 dies on the AI brass will ruin the brass very shortly. If you meant to say your dies are 7x57 AI then yeah everything is ok.


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        Yes I forgot the AI after the 7x57 dies, what I was asking was Since I aquired the rifle I was wanting to reload for it but do not have any 7x57 AI brass. so can I shoot some regular 7mm ammo in my 7x57AI rifle to fire form them to the rifle, whereas then I can reload them as 7x57 AI rounds?


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          Yep, that's the only way to get them as far as I know. I thought that's what you meant but wasn't sure.


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            I used Unique, COW and a wax plug. That saves wasting a bullet. Second firing you can us a bullet. OK to load up full loads then.


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              You could shoot the factory 7x57 loads and fire form that way, it works. The issue I have with that is there can be excessive head space which i don’t care for, it can be dangerous or cause light primer strikes. What I would do is take a piece of brass and color the neck with a black sharpie, run that piece of brass into your standard 7x57 die with it backed off to partially size the neck. Then I take the brass and drop it in the chamber and try and close the bolt, if it doesn’t close I screw the die in slightly deeper and repeat the process until I get to a somewhat “crush” fit that I like. All the time the sharpie mark will let you know how much brass you’ve moved. This process creates a false shoulder. When I’m happy with this dummy brass I’ll grab a fresh piece of brass and neck size it similar, if it follows suite I run the rest of my brass the same way. I then pick out a fast powder I like and a medium to upper end load with that powder and cheap bullets (I like Hornady for this) and I make a load with the bullet slightly jammed into the lands. This way you’ll create positive head space and you’ll blow out the shoulder where you want the brass to move and not at the case web which decreases your brass life. I think you’ll be surprised by how accurate some of these fire form loads actually are. I know there’s other ways of doing it but this is the method I like best. I use this method in five different rifles currently and have always had good results.
              Have fun shooting.


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                To make 8x60S I used long 225 grain lead bullets and seated them way out. Full load of powder and they came out perfect. Accurate too.
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