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    Haven't created anything new in a long while, so I decided to make a .41 Special. Since the .41 Magnum case is the same length as the .357 Mag, I just trimmed down the cases (Thank you power trimmer!) to the same length as the .38 Special. Going to use Universal powder for my first series of loads. Want about 900 fps with a 210-215 grain bullet for a plinking or self-defense load. The shorter case may be a little more efficient with a little more consistency. That remains to be seen. But, it's fun to be doing it. Any comments welcome.

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    Sort of a 41 long Colt..

    Sound like a good idea. I have just recently acquired an older S&W M13 that is solid but with very little blue left, (thanks Blink) maybe that would be a good conversion caliber. I guess I can make this into a five shot 41 or 44 special. I wonder how busy Bowen is right now. It would be a fun shooter, I like that quieter 900 fps and 220 grainers. Near equal to the ACP even in a short barrel. Sounds good to me.
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      I saw mention of a .41 Special in some gun rag or another. The smith had built one on a Ruger Single Six frame! I thought that was cool!
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        .41 Single Six

        Probably have to be a 5 shot. Kind of a small frame, but then...


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