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  • Rem 600 6mm

    Bought an old rem 600 the other day and looking to develop some loads for it. Primary usage would be blacktails. Anyone own this rifle and load for it, or have any proven 6mm loads to try? From the research I’ve done on the gun it has a 1 in 9 twist on a 18.5” barrel so it should be able to handle 100gr and up fine. TIA

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    Had one for years. In fact both my kids took their first deer with it and a lot more. Mine (Ours!) did very well with 100 grain bullets. In spite of the short barrel it preferred slower powders, most notably IMR-4350. Best 100-grain bullet was a tossup between Sierra flat base and Partitions. Went with the partition when we were in country that included close range shots, but had some issues with expansion past 300 yards, so went with the Sierra in more open country and zero expansion issues at long range. Fortunately the POI was exactly the same with the same powder charge under both bullets.
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      I know this is an old thread I have owned 2, 6mm Rem 600's over the years and sold both. They both loved Rl 19 and 85 grain Nosler Partitions at 3100fps. Sub MOA in both.

      However the 6mm really suffers in an 18.5" barrel. 308 loses less as does the 350 Rem Mag.


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