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  • Shotgun reloading supplies

    I am just getting into 12-gauge shotshell reloading, and starting to figure everything out. I am hoping you all could point me in the right direction as to where the best place to buy reloading supplies is? I already have a reloader so I am interested primarily in the best place to buy powder, wads, lead shot, etc. I would like your input as to what stores have the best selection and best prices? I am routinely in the Anchorage area, as well as the Valley, so either of these areas is where I'd like to shop. Or, any online sources would be appreciated also. Thanks for your input and advice!

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      Originally posted by Music Man View Post
      Amen to that. Just an incredible array of supplies. Their books are top notch too.
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        I'm strictly referring to target loads, but...

        Your biggest component cost will be lead shot. I've been buying the Eagle brand at Cabela's for $39.99 for a 25# bag. Use a 10% coupon or Club Points and you can drop the cost even more. Cheapest I've found in town.

        Powder and primers you'll likely find locally, because of the hassle and cost of hazmat cost via mail order. Buy in bulk and shop around for the best deals. Go to gun shows too.

        Factory wads will cost a bit more that generic or substitute wads. I use the Claybuster brand, only buying REM or WInchester if on sale.

        Get the Lyman Shotshell reloading manual or the free Hodgden booklets lying around the store. Following the recipes exactly is very important.

        Last time I was running around town, supplies were plentiful for all shotshell reloading components.

        By the time you get done with it, reloading shotgun shells will save you a few pennies over the bulk pack stuff the big box stores sell. Your bigger gain will be high quality shells and the satisfaction you get from rolling your own. And messing around with different loads can be fun too.


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          I should have mentioned earlier that my comments about shotshell reloading costs were in regards to 12 gauge only.


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            Go out to Birchwood during one of their shoots and ask around. Plenty of reloaders out there to give you direction. Find Dave Kaiser or Dennis Geary and ask them.


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              Thank you all for the advice!


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                Looking for some Remington or Alcan # 57 Pirmers.

                Thanks Jeffery


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