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    I have one of these old Mauser rifles. I'm working on getting the rear sight fixed, and I want to start shooting it. Any one on here have any experience reloading for it they would like to share?
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    Yes, but so long ago I don't remember the details. I'm on the road and can't get to my loading records either.

    I can tell you this- It's a great round! It's well worth your efforts in loading. Should be lots of data in older manuals. I want to say that IMR 4064 was the most accurate powder in mine, but I'd yield that memory to what you can find in the manuals.
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      Nope, no experience loading that one, but I wouldn't mind if I did.

      Some of those 1891 Argentine Mausers were neat, cept maybe for the magazine box in front of the trigger guard.

      They use .303 bullets and you can make brass outta 30-06 cases if need be. There is a wealth of info on the Internet. Search, "making brass for 7.65x53".

      I found a UTube about it. The guy was simply LUBING, and FL sizing the cases in a 7.65X53 die and trimming with a Lee trimmer set-up. In my LIMITED experience, if you have trouble chambering the completed case, after such am operation, you can insert a feeler gage underneath the shell holder to take out the slop, and it will probably work. I've had to do that when making 7mm Weatherby from 7mm RM.

      I've never had to resort to the option of grinding off the bottom of the die, but others have done that.

      Have fun, and maybe keep us posted. I like that sort of thing.

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        I have a 1909 Argentine Mauser chambered in 7.65 x 53. I've yet to shoot this beautiful rifle, but I was able to get dies from RCBS for future reloading. I also found PPU 7.65 x 53 Argentine ammo for $24 a box at Arctic Ammo. Brass is currently available at Grafs (online).

        Hornady's Reloading Manual (9th Edition) has recipes for the 150 gr. and 174 gr. projectiles. Looks like their powders of choice are IMR (3031, 4064, 4320, 4350) and Hodgdon (4895 and 380).

        Can't wait to shoot this round, the problem is finding the time. Good luck in your reloading efforts.


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