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  • .350 Rem Mag load

    Hello fellow reloaders. I have a Ruger M77 in .350 Remington Magnum and I'm planning on trying it for Black Bear and possibly moose next season. My Question to you guys is what's your favorite bullet for this Caliber? I'd like to use a 225 grain bullet preferably by Barnes or Nosler. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Have you looked at reloadersnest.com yet? I have found more then a few good loads there.
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      What's your twist rate?

      My Whelen is 1-12, and likes heavier bullets. I use the 310 Woodleigh.


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        So far I've only used the 225 sierra in my ruger 350. My load work was very simple and only required one trip to the range, I settled on 59 gr of Varget lit off with a Fed 210 primer.

        And not a fluke, the first charge weight was 57 gr.

        If I was to work up loads for the barnes or nosler I'd use either Varget or RL 15. BTW, the Ruger has a 1-12 twist, so you dont't need heavier bullets. And with 225's leaving the barrel at ~2700 fps, it makes for a fairly flat shooting rig.
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          The 225 gr Partition is hard to beat, and either Varget or A2520 have worked well for me.


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            Both A-Frames and Woodleighs are heavy jacketed bonded bullets. Both especially Woodleighs have killed thousands of African dangerous game. If you look at your big bore premium ammo you will find Woodleighs.

            As for powder I am seeing that my whoesalers are getting in RL15 fairly frequently. As for Varget that is another story.


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              I have a Rem 700 24" that gives results very similar to Paul H. I'm using the Sierra 225 with 61grs of TAC for 2800fps with accuracy right at 5/8"


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                I have a pair of Rem mod 600's in 350 rem mag having blind magazines oal is restricted but they both like 200gr hornady rn bullets! 56grs of IMR 3031 fed 215 primers oal at 2.740" and bam! 1 5 shot grp at 100yds .815 second grp was me but still?Click image for larger version

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                  Varget and 200gr TSX is another good one. More than enough for any black bear or moose.


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