457 wwg brass from 45-90 cases?



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  • 457 wwg brass from 45-90 cases?

    Hello everyone! Great site here with lots of info. I came across a deal on a Marlin converted to 457 wwg mag and picked it up. In doing the normal research I see the potential to take 45-90 starline brass and trim it to 457 length. I have looked at the new SAAMI spec for 457 and what info I could get on the 45-90 they seem compatible in all but length. Has anyone had any experience doing this? The factory ammo is REALLY pricey for this rifle, a factor I was aware of when I purchased it. While I am an avid hunter I also tend to err on the side of caution with my shots and ammo use. 100 rounds of ammo will last me the rest of my life. So as things stand I can order $500.00 bucks worth of ammo from Cor-Bon or try and make brass from 45-90. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You can shoot 45-70 in it just fine, you then get fire formed cases that are .100" short that you reload to 457 by seating long . . . or just load to hot 45-70 data which is like 50-100fps off 457. Yea modern 45-90 cut down will work, that is how the 457 round was made. I believe Wild West Guns sells the brass and should be the cheapest place to get the ammo . . . Anchorage or Vegas.

    BTW you can also fire 410 through it fed one at a time according to WWG.
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      Ok just an update for the record. Wild West Guns currently has brass in stock in Vegas. They are 39.99 per 20. I know that sounds really high BUT consider this no one in their right mind would call this 457 mag a range gun that's not it's intended purpose. 100 cases that can be reloaded 5 or 6 times will last me the rest of my life. This gun is for the back-up hunter in the group, a 30-06 is more than enough weapon for hunting but the 457 is short light and quick on point. It's goal is to keep a pissed off critter from making a man snack out of you. Or in the case of a moose a mud hole. I would not feel under gunned to face off anything walking with this rifle. The workmanship from WWG is really over the top I am VERY pleased with the whole package.


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