50 BMG loader on here?



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  • 50 BMG loader on here?

    Any 50 BMG loaders on here? I have pretty much all the components and most of the equiptment is here or on the way for loading. I'm looking to get some ideas on what others are loading. Im not looking for precision loads at all. Just fun blaster rounds as it will be firing out of a belt fed DShK that was converted to 50 BMG.

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    M-33 ball with 210 to 220gr of 5010 runs the M-2 HB. You saw it at Anderson.
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      Im dieing to take this gun out but still waiting on the recoiless mount to get done and still need to build the rolling mount.

      All my powder now is bulk WC860. Projectiles are either Ball, API, AP or those hollow tracer jackets (360gr) im still trying to figure out what to do with. At some point in the next few weeks ill be looking to do a powder/primer order. CCI 35's and what ever is the cheapest 50 powder. I have been hearing guys using 20mm powder for the DShK to give it the blast that the original 12.7x108 round gives off.


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