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170 gr. loads for .270 Win.

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  • 170 gr. loads for .270 Win.

    A good friend of mine sent me some bullets for loading my .270 Win. Among them was a full box of 170 gr. Round Nose slugs. I have loaded 160 gr. Partitions in mine, and suppose I could begin with starting loads for the 160 gr. but if anyone has any loads they've used with these heavy for caliber bullets, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'd wager these long bullets will penetrate all day long and fly well. I bet the ballistic coefficient is terrific! Thanks.

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    I'd be curious of what twist rate you have in your rifle, and how it would do with 170s.


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      They sound like old Barnes originals. Haven't used them in years, but if I recall correctly they're no longer than 160's because their nose is "rounder." If you're stabilizing 160's, I'd expect the same for the 170's.

      Don't have time to check right now, but I'm pretty sure there are loads for those in the first Barnes manual. I'm sure PO Ackley has them in his manuals too, but as always with his loads, I'd be a little dubious about max. Should be a reasonable indicator for starting load, though.

      I'll check back this evening to see if anyone has given you any loads, then dig if I need to.
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        Actually, they're old Speer RN projectiles. My push feed Model 70 loves 160 gr bullets, cutting a nice cloverleaf with Nosler Partitions, just under 1" at 100, so I anticipate more than reasonable accuracy. I'm hoping to try them out on a decent moose this coming season.


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          I have the Speer #9 manual and it lists their 170 grain bullet. You can ask about a specific powder load (H4831, H450, IMR 4831, IMR 4350, 760, H380, IMR 4064, or IMR 4759) and hope I hit the right keys, or you can PM me your snail mail and I'll make a copy of the page and drop it in the mail for you.


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            Well, I've settled on IMR7828SSC for m170 gr. .270 Win loads. I've loaded up three rounds each of 49.5, 50.5, 51.5 and 52.5. All the research I did tells me these are safe test loads. We'll see how my older push feed Mdl 70 handles these heavy weight slugs. Thanks to all of you for your help.


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              I'd say that your in the ball park mauserboy! My notes say top load of IMR7828 was 53 grains at 2600 fps. I killed a few big whitetails with 170 gr round noses. I never found a deer that could stop one of those 170 grainers. Even the ones shot from end to end sailed right on through. I'm thinking you will be well prepared for moose with that load.

              Back in my hay day I hunted with 2 guns, a 270 and a 44 mag lever action. Fox were $50-$60 a pelt back then and Jack O's pet load of a full case of 4831 and a 130 grainer would cut a fox in half. However those 170 grain round noses just poked a .277 hole in a fox hide. They are designed for exactly what you intend to use them for! Good luck!


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                I sure appreciate the info, brother gunboomer. I'm gonna test loads and then use what I have sparingly, cause Lord knows when I'll find some more. Thanks


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                  G'Day Fella's,

                  I just thought this may be of some interest to you good people?
         is an Australian bullet maker, that IIRC make a 180grn 0.277" bullet!
                  These are Weld Core (Bonded) bullets that are specifically designed for hunting.

                  Hope that helps



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