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  • Looking for line launcher/harpoon launcher technology

    I don't want to reinvent the wheel as I know that there are 12 gauge nautical line launchers and harpoon launchers commercially available. I am only asking for information how one could use a 12 gauge shotgun to launch a harpoon a short distance as a DIY project. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I am trying to help some local hunters increase the recovery rate of animals shot in the water.

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    Not sure what the recovery method your locals use but, I and many other natives that hunt marine animals tent to throw a spear or a harpoon with a rope attached to the tip and the wooden handle. Once the tip punctures the hide, then we put the game down. 100% recovery. Tried and true method for thousands of years.


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      Thanks for the reply. That is the method used. A hand thrown harpoon with a float attached. The harpoon is thrown from a kayak, as it has been done for a thousand years, but the range of the hand thrown harpoon is only 5 - 10 meters. The game is Narwhal and they are a highly prized delicacy. This year, a friend is going to use a bow, with fishing arrows, that I gave him to try to get a line into the animal from a greater distance and from the bigger boat. I was just thinking that I could find a rifle-fired harpoon to increase his range and success.

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