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Barnes 375 cal Tipped TSX

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  • Barnes 375 cal Tipped TSX

    I just picked up a box of the new 250 grain Barnes TTSX fo the 375. I'll be trying it in the 375 Ruger with RL17. I'm thinking I'll be able to push it past 2900 fps without issue. If they shoot as well as the 270 grainer, they should work well in extending the range a bit for longer range elk shots.

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    I looked at those too and will probably see if they shoot. The 270 grain TSX shoots very well out of my factory Ruger Alasakan at just over 2800 fps. I expect the 250's to be about 100 fps more. The ballistic calculator makes the bullet look pretty darned good, better everything. One reservation I have is the tip on the ttsx. The TSX shoots good in my gun when it is as close to the lands as I can get it, that is the max length of my magazine 3.340. The TTSX is longer/pointer and the ogive will be further away from the lands with a COL of 3.340. They may shoot fine, may not. It does not really matter to about 200 yards. 300 yards looks quite a bit better. Almost an inch and a half better trajectory and 3 inches better wind drift with a 200 yard zero.

    My Ruger is hard to shoot to 300 yards though. The trigger is very heavy and I have a 2-7 scope on it. I do not feel real confident yet past about 200 yards, and I have tried at the range. My 300 win and 300 RUM are set up for longer shots and I plan to take those out in open country. The 375 ruger is more my brush gun when the big fuzzy is around.


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      I have the African version set up to shoot out to 400 yards if needed. My TSX loads are 3.310, and my 260 Accubond loads are 3.350. I figure somewhere around 3.350 will be the COAL for these as well.


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        Handloads with 250 grain X bullet in 375 ruger

        Does anybody have starting loads for the 250 grain X bullets in 375 ruger? How much velocity are you getting with these bullets?


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          I just shot my 375 Ruger Alaskan with the 250g TTSX. They were as accurate as the 270 TSX at 100 yards, so just over an inch. The point of impact was about 3 inches higher though, so I assume they are going quite a bit faster. I did not chrony them, not yet at least. I shot 6 shots to 200 yards with about a 3 inch grouping using a 7x scope at 74.5g RL 15. Just fine by me for a short barrel large caliber gun. I started them at 71g RL 15 and worked up to 74.5g when I thought the bolt got a little sticky. I have some loaded up at 74g now and will see how they do. They are at about the max for my box, 3.340, I might get 3.350 out of them, but honestly have not tried. If they shoot about an inch at 100 yards, I will call it good with the 3.340 COL and 74g. I will use the 270g TSX if I am targeting bears. 250's if there is some distance to be had for a shot and I am targeting moose with the possibility of a bear. At least that I how I rationalized it to my wife when I bought a bunch of new stuff. I am going to use them in a few weeks when I go for back up on my buddies cow hunt tag. Maybe I can give a report then. I will surely update when I chrony them.


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            I just loaded the 250 TTSX in my 375 AI, 80grs of RL 15 they sailed at 2950fps.......
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