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Trouble with corelokt projectiles in 338WM

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  • Trouble with corelokt projectiles in 338WM

    Hello folks, a fellow hunter on our deer hunting forum in Aus. has posted the following, it is fairly self explanatory.

    One reply to his post has suggested the corelokt pills are often under size, wondering if anyone here, where the calibre is so popular, can shed any light on his problem ?


    "Hopefully some one can offer me some advice.
    I load all types of projies for my 338, just recently loaded some core lokts and having trouble with projy sliding in the neck of the case.

    I have neck sized and full length, once bullet is seated I can push the bullet into the case with my fingers.

    This obviously should not happen, under recoil they will be all over the place.

    Anyone with some info please post."


    Thanks, Sam.

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    What size is the bullet measuring?


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      You "got" me there Sambar! From the title I was expecting complaints that the Corelokt was too fragile for a 338WM, a point I agree with for the 200 grain anyway. I am an enthusiast for Corelokts when their muzzle velocity is held below 2900 fps or so, but not for higher impact velocities whether at close range or further away with faster starts.

      Specific to your question, because of those concerns I've shied away from them in the 338WM and never measured their actual diameter. In other calibers I've found them to be right on, or in the case of the 200 grain .358 RN found them very slightly oversize at .3583 or so.
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      Merle Haggard


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        Don't know how other bullets fit but possibly expander ball is oversized or the brass is too thin in the beck........not really enough info here. Bullet too small or case is too big or die dimensions are incorrect?????

        But core-lokts do have a crimp groove I believe so a good crimp may work.
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          I have a set of 303 dies that do the same thing, they don't size the neck down far enough for good neck tension. The expander ball doesn't even touch the brass on the way out.
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            Appreciate the replies, thanks gents.

            We have pretty much asked him all of the above and made similiar suggestions re measuring, die application etc

            Re case neck thickness, with an external dia. spec. of 0.369" then the walls of the case must be round say 0.015" for the projectile to be so loose.

            (0.369 less 0.338 = 0.031"........therefore say 0.015" per side of the neck....if I have that right)

            In the morning I'll measure some of my cases, old and new, to see what they come up at.

            However, insufficient information this stage to work it out - he needs to get measuring !

            (Thanks for comment re the proj. BB, will raise that with him. Our Sambar deer weight up to say 700 lb for a large stag with the majority that are shot for meat much lighter.

            Although you always go prepared for the big stag and need a projectile that can handle the job.

            They don't die easy and can carry any round that isn't in the right spot or that hasn't performed correctly.

            Im using 200gr Accubonds at the moment, but haven't had enough experience with them at this stage to decide if they are what I should keep using.)

            I'll post when he lets us know what is going on.

            Re crimps, just wondering why this proj. has a grimp groove and others don't ?


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              I'm just commenting on the 200 accubond part, from my "limited" experience with that combo you will be happy and possibly quite impressed


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                Originally posted by Sambar from Oz. View Post
                Re crimps, just wondering why this proj. has a grimp groove and others don't ?
                Remington crimps their factory loads, so that is part of it. Cannelures or crimp grooves can play a minor role in limiting expansion, so that may be part of it as well.
                "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
                Merle Haggard


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                  Haven't heard back from hunter experiencing the sloppy proj. problems.

                  I ran the Vernier over some 338 cases, Brand new unfired & F.L.S. - 0.335" inside neck diameter.

                  Used, and also F.L.S.............- 0.335" " " "

                  If his cases are NOT coming up close to this then therein lies the answer.

                  ***The Vernier is not the highest quality and would have a variation of +/- 0.001" at least I would say.

                  If the cases ARE coming in close to 0.335" then the answer lies in the diameter of the proj. he's using.

                  (Matter of interest....neck brass thickness was measured at 0.0135" to 0.0145" )

                  Be interesting to get to the bottom of the problem.


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