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M29 & 325grn. WLNGC

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  • M29 & 325grn. WLNGC

    Am considering shooting out of my 629-1 these BTB. Any load recommendations and what would pressures be? Obviously this is not a Ruger etc... but I should expect 1150-1200fps with this bullet-correct?


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    325 gr


    not sure what the BTB stands for? I'd first make sure that the cylinder will handle the length of those heavier bullets. I know some of the 330 gr loads from Buffalo Bore (I believe) can only be chambered in the Ruger Redhawk. They can't even chamber in other Rugers like the Super Redhawk or any of the Blackhawks/super blackhawks because of the cylinder length.



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      My wife shoots 320 and 330gr cast out of her SBH and they wont even chamber in my 629. the biggest I can go is 300gr sp's.


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        Model 29 and 325 WLNGC


        Beartooth shows that bullet with a nose length in front of the crimp groove at .450", add that to the measured length of the case and measure the cylinder and see if it fits. It will depend on the revolver, pinned and recessed, etc.

        I have loaded the 300 with 19.0 grains of Vihta N110, 1228 fps from 5 1/2".
        and with 20 grains of H110 for a velocity of 1277 fps. I dont think you would see 1200 fps unless a 6" barrel or more. Also I think a max load for S&W would be about 19.0 grs of H110, if you use that powder. I have got 1200 from the 320 grain but in a Ruger SBH. I would think 325 grains at 1100 fps would be a right smart load. Good shootin'.

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          Murphy, thank you kindly. I had a problem in accessing the "view details" on that particular bullet so I had no measurements for total oal. I gave Marshall a call over at his business and gathered info. as well. He has a couple of boxes on hand or according to Gail of .431 dia and I suspect that to work fine as the .430dia. slip right thru the throats quite easily.
          I have fired and owned various Rugers including a flattop .44mag yrs back which I inadvertantly slip by my fingers thru lack of knowledge. Fired off quite a few rounds thru my Casulls in the past and appreciate a heavy bullet. Knowing if you load max. charges thru a finely built Smith these handguns tend to loosen up fast.
          Any handgun I carry is used for "up close" conditions IF that ever comes to be. My rifle is either in my hands or right close by. I have always considered myself a "rifleman" first and trust the first round more than any handgun-but bullet placement and experience plays the major role in any shooting whether it be rifle or pistol.
          I find great joy thus far in reloading but the use a single stage press like my Forester tends to slow that down for shooting many rounds of handgun ammo at one time. I really dread loading ammo up for my 40 Smith due to the firing capabilities of the pistol at one time-ha.
          Marshall claims 21grn of H110 as max in his 6" Smith and says it to be very accurate. Just having a friendly chat with him. He mentions as we know that with my 4" bbl. that muzzle flash will exist. Using a Winchester spark plug along with the powder. I of course will take my loading carefully and will most likely start at 19 grns. and work up.
          This particular bullet will leave a clearance of an approx. 30thou. so it should work fine if I pay attention to the crimp and that it does not "jump" after the first round.
          There was something I caught in the past about the penetration of the WFN vs. WLN and accuracies too. Believe the WLN performed overall - better. This gave me the curiousity of trying this in my Smith.
          Well Murphy appreciate your time as always and your generous input. It is about time I get my day started-life is slow here in the bush but it is generous with time-got all day.



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