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3 Minute SURVEY for Indoor Gun Range

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  • 3 Minute SURVEY for Indoor Gun Range

    As Alaskans, we share common interests when it comes to guns, self-defense, and hunting.

    I for one, as a mom, want a place where my children, husband, and I can go and practice shooting our guns, learning new techniques, and having a warm, safe place to spend time with my family.

    I am working with other Alaskans who want to make an indoor gun range a reality.

    Will you take this quick survey to let us know what you as an Alaskan want in an indoor gun range?

    We need your feedback to ensure the indoor gun range has what you're looking for.

    *Disclaimer: ALL responses are anonymous and confidential. This survey will not collect, save, or ask for any of your personal information, including your name, location, email, phone, gender, age, etc.

    If you have additional questions or comments, please send a message to "Alaskans for an Indoor Gun Club" on our Facebook Page.

    Want to stay up-dated about Alaskans for an Indoor Gun Club’s Progress?

    * Like us on Facebook at “Alaskans for an Indoor Gun Club” at!/p...95968107089186.

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