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  • Glock 30 SF in my hand...

    I bought a Glock 30 SF the other day. It is a lot more gun then my Glock 36, by that I mean heavier and bigger slide. Now I need warmer weather and some trigger time. I am a 1911 and Browning Hi Power guy, but I like the Glocks for winter carry. Any of you shooting the Glock 30 or 30 SF and if you are what are your thoughts.

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    I've had a 36, a 30, and now a 30sf. The 36 was prone to jam when fired with a limp wrist or less than optimal grip. I replaced the 36 with a 30, put 1500+ rds through it, then sold it for $50 less than the original purchase price when the new 30sf came out and I had to have one! I carry mine in a Milt Sparks VM2, and the size/weight doesn't bother me most of the time. Only when carrying it for 8hrs or more do I notice the "gun limp" starting to develop. Good Luck with your new piece!


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      I have a 30 SF. It has never failed to feed anything...typical Glockitis. I really like the gun. The right size to carry in pocket or holstered. The right bore size and with enough rounds in the mag to keep a fight going. I shot it in a couple of IDPA matches last fall and held my own against guns with longer sight radius and better control. I ordered mine with the Glock tritium night sights. Pros and cons there but does offer full darkness aiming. I can carry the gun and can shoot it well enough, it seems to be the best compromise of packable/concealable and adequate firepower of anything on the market.
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        Thanks for the feed back guys. I really like my Glock 36 even though some of the mags won't drop free. I will be putting some Heine Straight Eight Ledge Night Sights on the 30SF, more mags and mag holder. Holsters will be the Kramer Horse Hide IWB #3 and the Hilsman synthetic holster. I have heard there is some factory ammo that gives higher velocities in shorter barrels and I also heard the Glock's barrel is supposed to give higher velocities. I will dust off my old chronograph and compare vlocities to my 1911 Govt. Mod. I have always leaned towards 230 grain bullets so that will be used to defend the castle. Is the Glock better left alone or are there any parts you would replace.


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          I had staight eights on a kimber pro carry sle and I loved them, I've got the stock Glock night sights on my 30 and they work just fine. The only modification I have are Pearce floorplates/grip extensions that add just enough space to the grip, no change to the magazine capacity. On the subject of magazines, I have given-up trying to load and carry a full 10+1 magazine. It is too hard on the spring and my thumbs, and it seems to bind the slide a bit with 10 in the mag and one in the pipe. I just download it and carry 9+1, doesn't really bother me, but Glock should still do something about it.

          I usually carry 185+p Golden Sabres for CC, it is loaded with CORBON PowRball right now. I like the 160-185g +p loads out of the short barrel for CC, but I've shot plenty of 230g hardball and HP without a hiccup. If I had a 20SF I would definitely mod it up with a Lone Wolf barrel, long slide, SS guide-rod and 3.5lb trigger, but I like my defend-it-in-court-carry-gun to be as box stock as possible. I also like the fact that if I have to use my carry weapon, I can affordably purchase another one that is virtually identical. No custom Kimber or Wilson Combat gun is going to spend its life banging around on my hip in bad weather, at least not until I have more money than brains, then all bets are off.


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            The G30 will accept the longer mags for the G21. They stick out the bottom but work fine. I use those for the shooting/training sessions where I like to engage multiples quickly and it gets me through my course without a reload. On the other hand, reloading on the run is a good training op also. I don't carry a round stuffed on any of my guns any more. I just load the mag full then stroke a round into the pipe. This has given me an edge in reliability (I think) and I consider it a better practice. It's not just Glock that doesn't like to be stuffed. I have the Heine Straights on a Commander length Night Hawk and they are an upgrade in acquisition time. I like them but not as precise as the three dots system. More than good enough for center mass hits at 15 yards or so.
            Is there nothing so sacred on this earth that you aren't willing to kill or die for?


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              I've had my Glock 30 SF for about 6 months or so. I have put about 500 rounds through it. It is consistently accurate, feeds well, never a failure to eject...I like it a lot.

              If you want a lighter trigger pull then you can get a 4.5lb Glock Connector and that will reduce your trigger pull by about a pound but I wouldn't do that for a dedicated CC pistol. Tritium sights are a good option. Make sure you get a comfortable holster.

              I think that the more you fire it, the more you'll like it.



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                I talked with Dan Hillsman of Hillsman Holsters today. Ordered a dual mag. holder and his "New Standard" high ride belt holster with a slight grip forward cant. He is also making the holster belt loops to fit my 1.5" double thickness Filson belt. The holster and mag holder will be black, of course. He was very informative and patient. Murphy I was surprised when you stated the Heine sight was not as precise as the 3 Dot System, I did not know that. Maybe I should re-think the sights, just never been a 3 Dot fan. My Glock 36 has the XS Sight Systems Wide V rear and Standard Dot front sight with the tritium dot on each. I really like the little pistol and the way it shoots. I'm fine with the 9 rounds in the mag. Darn Alaskan winters, almost warm enough to go shooting.


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                  I bought a Glock 30 the other day, had Trijicon dots put on it and have carried it since. It now has about 800 rounds through it, including a friends hand loads. It has fed everything and is easily a 2" at 15 yards gun in my hands. I shoot USPSA and have run in through some scenarios at a friend's range, we work well together. I have shot the El Presidente in under seven seconds a few times with this pistol. That is two shots in each of three targets, reload then two more shots each. This is one of my favorite drills and is a confidence builder for me with a new weapon. Also the Bill Drill under three is a good run for me. What I'm saying is that the gun is not only reliable and accurate it is a good shootable match for me and my mediocre skill level.
                  I have spent the last thirty years shooting only 1911's and variations of them so it was a change for me. It's my second Glock, having only the G19 before. I've swapped it off for a G34, coming soon, to shoot in a Glock league. I'm sold on the Glocks and the G30 is a winner.
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                    Thumbs up on the Glocks I have a sf21. I have done a lot of work on the gun and yet to shoot it, I replaced the factory
                    barral with a Fire Dragon SS. And set the trigger pull to 3.5 pounds and installed all new springs and a few more things not
                    finished with it yet and do look forward to shooting the thing LOL.


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