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Nighthawk VS. Ed Brown VS. Wilson Combat

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  • Nighthawk VS. Ed Brown VS. Wilson Combat

    I just put a deposit on a Nighthawk T3. I got a screaming deal, now I just gotta scrape up the rest of the cash. I've been thinking about a high end 1911 for years and was torn between the big names above. I couldn't decide which until I found the right deal.
    Just curious what your opinions are about the big name custom 1911's....Click image for larger version

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    Wilson is good pistol and the Nighthawk are all former Wilson combat gunsmith's that left and form there own company ..The Ed Brown pistol is one that i do not know about the pistol


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      Never owned one, but have checked some out in the gun shops. I am of the opinion that you will be well pleased with your purchase. I also think you are getting into a whole new level of quality and craftsmanship when you spend your hard earned bucks on probably ANY of the big name makers, Ed Brown, Wilson, Nighthawk, Les Baer, Guncrafter, STI, ect... I love 1911's and want to eventually pick up a high end custom house gun. For now, I'll have to settle for my production guns which are fine, but no where near the quality you will own! I would suspect customer service would also be top notch should any problems arise as these makers produce far fewer 1911's. Have not heard or read anything negative about Nighthawk


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        In all the years I've carried 1911s, I've never heard anything but praise for the guns of the top end outfits. Some that used to be big decades ago are no longer around for various reasons, but not for poor quality guns. Unlike production guns there doesn't seem to be much "my gun is better than yours" when owners are comparing the merits of the various custom shop guns because they are all good.

        I personally went with Kimber when I moved up to top end custom shop 45s. My first was a full sized Kimber Raptor. When I was promoted off the street to an administrative position, I traded the full sized Raptor in on a stainless Kimber Ultra Raptor II by Kimber's Custom Shop.

        You might expect some accuracy drop off going from a full sized 5" 45 to a compact 3" 45l and maybe you would if they were production models, but I'm actually shading my qual scores a touch with the 3" over the 5", and the 3" is a lot more comfy to wear when sitting at a desk for the better part of 8 hours a day...


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          Nighthawk VS. Ed Brown VS. Wilson Combat

          If I was going to buy one of those quality handguns and all three were right in front of me, I would go with the one that was the cheapest. Everything else is pretty much even between them.
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            I've handled all three and agree that they are exceptional pieces. The actions are usually as smooth as glass. Can't go wrong with any of them but I'm partial to the Wilson and Nighthawk. Earlier this year I actually got to meet the guys from the Nighthawk shop at Shotshow, and even handled Magpul's Nighthawk shotguns. The guys were very down to earth and helpful. Congrats on your purchase!
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              I like Wilsons myself, but those dang Colt Special Combat Gov'ts just scream my name. O well I aint buying guns right now, just sellin em.


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                I have owned and fired all three brands extensively.

                I favor the Wilsons and Nighthawks over the Browns, primarily for ergonomic preference reasons. Nighthawk's origins (Wilson guys breaking out on their own) show in the build execution, and Nighthawk is more willing to modify things to your liking. Nighthawk has also forced Wilson to introduce new models and get more competitive, which has been a very good thing.

                Guns from all 3 shops work. I'd also add that Wilson CS is easier to deal with than Brown's, although Brown was able to fix my problems in a sensible and fair manner. I haven't used Nighthawk CS.

                The one I'd slide in the holster and go out in? Wilson CQB.


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                  Well, I have had my T3 for about 2 months now and have gotten to fire it several times. It seems that it took about 200 rounds to get it broken in. Not sure if it was just me or the gun, but I think that the controls smoothed out after they had a few miles put on them. I love this gun. It is a joy to carry, as it's fairly compact, not too heavy, and conceals very well. It shoots better than I can shoot it, and that makes me want to shoot it more. The grips are tenacious without tearing up your hand, even after a 600 round range session. I have absolutely no complaints about this pistol and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high-end commander length 1911. here's some gun porn for you:

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Originally posted by sthrcave View Post
                    Good to hear you are satisfied and that you are enjoying the new pistol. That's all that really matters.
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                      I couldnt get NH to respond to my emails and info requests off their website so decided to hold off from ordering direct from them, I eventually found a used one in my caliber of choice and it works fine though not quite so pretty as my wilson! I got to meet Ed Brown last winter, he's planning a trip with his wife and kids up here this summer. He's a hell of a nice guy and sure builds some nice stuff... if I ever trip over one of his 10mm's for a fair price I'll snap it up in a heartbeat!


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