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Whats your favorite handgun barrel length, & which type of Holster system do you use?

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  • Whats your favorite handgun barrel length, & which type of Holster system do you use?

    Im talking your outdoors side-arm, and prefered way of carrying it. Cross-draw? Shoulder Harness? Righ Hip, Left-hip, etc? And what is the barrel length of that gun? Your concealed gun is for another forum!
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    .454 Casull with a 7-12" barrel. The holster is called "Bandito." It's a bandoleer holster/belt, made of leather. I would prefer a synthetic set instead, but I have sprayed tent/shoe silicone on it to make it water repellent.

    The Bandito is shown on the first photo (top left corner). It has three pieces: belt, holster, and ammo holder. The belt is sold to you in an adjustable size to fit under a coat, and also over it. I find the Bandito most comfortable. The holsters are for scoped, and for non-scoped handguns.


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      Uncle Mikes

      Bandolier holster synthetic, holding my Ruger 7 1/2 .480 with Leupold 2x.

      I find it very easy on the body and keeps the Ruger handy.
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        colt python .357 4" in a belt mounted straight drop strong side holster.

        a cross draw holster when not hunting alone is not a great idea for safety reasons.
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          4" 44mag. in a crossdraw holster. Keeps me from banging my rifle stock on my pistol and it's much easier to draw sitting on a horse and doesn't jab me in the ribs when riding in a vehicle


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            favorite handgun

            7 1/2 inch Ruger Super BlackHawk. Been carrying it for years in an Uncle Mike's basic belt holster. Never had any trouble drawing and firing it.


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              10mm. glock in tac. thigh holster; keeps it low and outta the way of everything.
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                4" for carry, 6-8" for iron sighted revolver hunting, 10-14" for scoped single shots. Carry gun goes in a high ride hip holster which can also be hung from my shoulder strap for easy access if I'm wearing waders. Longer revolvers go in a crossdraw belt holster and anything scoped goes in a shoulder holster.
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                  4 inch barrel. strongside holster, but i may switch to a modified bandolier or a chest rig for wearing with bulky clothing.


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                    Four inch SW 357, or, Ruger SB .44 4 5/8 th"s in synthetic right hip these get switched to a lower ski pole , outside open , pocket on my packs when traveling. 15 and 16 inches ( scoped ) on my single shots , with a rifle sling slung over my neck when hunting. Bill
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                      DW 44 mag with 6" barrel in an Uncle mikes strong side hip holster for normal walks in the woods & when bow hunting.
                      S&W mod 29 with 8&3/8 barrel & red dot sight when on a walk where I may get a chance at black bear, or if I am revolver hunting.
                      Contender or Encore handguns for hunting are carried on a sling.
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                        Originally posted by SoldotnaDave View Post
                        ...Your concealed gun is for another forum!
                        My "concealed gun* and my outdoors gun are one and the same, and for the same reasons:

                        * It's small; with a concealed carry weapon, that is nearly requisite, and I've found that in the woods, that's just as important. It's a Ruger SP 101 with a 2.5" barrel. I got real tired of 65-75 oz, holstered hoglegs catching on camp chairs, brush, and getting awry with layers of clothing. An outdoors sidearm should be providing the same protection a concealed carry sidearm does; the ability to fight your way back to your rifle, which you never should have left behind to begin with (but which we all do because of their bulk and weight). It tucks into the waistband of my pants (with a tab similar to the Barami Hip Grip of my own manufacture fitted under a comfortable single piece Hogue rubber grip), thus eliminating the need for a holster, weighs less than 30 oz. loaded, and even fits handily in my pocket. It is always within reach.
                        * It's powerful; at .357 Magnum caliber, it provides Marshall and Sanow's #1 manstopping round (125 grain Federal Hi-Power hollowpoint) as a concealed carry sidearm, and in the woods I load it with Winchester 158 grain softpoints. It isn't a "death ray", but that's not it's purpose. My death ray comes in 300 Win Mag, 30-06, or 338 Win Mag, and isn't far away......
                        * It's stainless; another prerequisite for Alaskans.
                        * It's nearly foolproof; as a double-action revolver with a long trigger pull and no safety to fool with, it's as safe as can be, yet all you need to do is get your hand on it and squeeze the trigger, and it will fire.
                        * It's concealable by nature, legal, and always has been; since it's carried inside the pants, and at any position (strong side, crossdraw, small-of-back, wherever), it is protected from the elements and concealed. If wearing lots of heavy clothes, it fits into an outer pocket. Carrying concealed while engaging in outdoors activities has always been legal in Alaska, even before the concealed carry permit social revolution of the 1990's.

                        I've got lot's of sidearms, but the Ruger SP 101 (bobbed hammer with Hogue grips and custom Barami-style hip grip tab) has become my mate for regular carry in the woods or otherwise.


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                          Smith and Wesson 500

                          I choose the Smith and Wesson Model 500 with 4" barrel. I carry it on a hip holster on dominant side. The bigger you are the more comfortable it will be. Its a heavy gun and I got a thick Desanti belt. They make holsters and can be found google searching Desanti holsters or similar. That belt made a world of difference. Ammo carrier goes on the left hip. Carries 6 extra rounds. I am sending the gun off to Smith and Wesson for a lanyard ring to be installed. That will be nice as I use it for bear protection floating Alaska rivers on fly fishing trips. The Buffalo Bore ammo is incredible in this gun. Like 2,500 ft/lbs. Not as much kick as you would think. Like I said, its a heavy gun. But peace of mind is priceless. Well actaully only $800.
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                            Woods gun

                            S & W 629 Backpacker Spl. 3" Bbl. 44 mag carried in a Galco right side hip holster and I wear suspenders with it.


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                              S & W 500 mag 4" in a nylon chest holster/pouch that's made in Wasilla, I think. It keeps the gun right where I want with out bouncing around. It sits high so wading with chesties isn't a problem. I don't feel the weight of the gun at all with this holster.


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