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    Has anyone used a Laser Max internal laser on an XD .45? How do you like it? Is it accurate? Thanx for any info.

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    No one has used this product?


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      Love it

      Got one on my Glock 23 and it is dead on the money accurate. Have shot hundreds of rounds with it and it has held zero. I love that you can holster it. Have seen Crimson lasers crack in the palm area....cant say enough about Lasermax I called Lasermax and asked them about zeroing and they told me that if it ever came out of zero that they would reculminate the laser for free...all you would need to send them would be the laser and a target with 5 shot group at 20 yards to show them where they would need to move the beam customized for your pistol.
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        AKjaq, thanx for the response and review. The things you mentioned about the crimsan trace were concerns I had as well, plus fingers and thumbs getting in the way. I like the idea of the laser max. Seems clean and simple. I'm going to order one .


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