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  • Ruger Blackhawk Bisley

    Hello-I am shopping for a Ruger SA hand gun in 45LC. I want one with the Bisley grip since rumor has it they handle recoil in a more comfortable fashion . The question is "how do I identify a Ruger with the Bisley grip. Is the handgun identified as a Bisley model. Do they still make this model or would I have to buy used. Thanks for any info since I am a nebie on this Ruger stuff.

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    Looks like Ruger still makes a Bisley in .45colt
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      The grip was not designed to handle recoil but for target shooting hence the name Bisley.With this grip the recoil is more like that of a DA revolver putting the recoil stright into the hand insted of rolling up.
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        I know in your title you said blackhawk but Ruger also makes a vaquero bisley. This gun is new this year and is real nice looking.
        Two of the things you aren't going to have with the vaquero is adjustable sights and you will not be able to use hot loads with it. Both guns are sweet and in my opinion you can't go wrong with a Ruger.


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          My friend Zach has a bisley in many calibers. They are all rollmarked on the cylinder to say "Bisley". I'm pretty sure the cylinders are not "fluted" (is that the right word?) they are fully rounded. The grip is definitely different... i would hold one before you decide you just want one. He loves the bisley grip, I'm not so sure. The hammers on the bisleys are also lower profile and rolled over a little more, so that is also different from a normal blackhawk.

          Bisleys are neat guns, and he loves his 45LC and had the barrel shortened to 5.5'' for bear country carry. Check out both and see which one you like the feel of better is my advice.



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            Find someone with a Bisley grip so you can shoot one first. I HATE them because they beat my knuckle BAD. The size of your hands and knuckles are very important. They are not for everyone.
            They DO NOT make recoil feel better and are actually more grip sensitive if you want accuracy. They must be held more exact from shot to shot.


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              Boy I am sure finding out a lot about "Bisley Grips" . Thanks for the information I appreciate it. Looks like I will be cruising the sale tables at the gun show here in Fairbanks later this month. Can you believe non of the mail order folks have 45 Colt brass , or dies ?


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                Oh yeah, the Fairbanks gunshow....the week end I leave town.

                If you're in Fairbanks, I have a Bisley you can shoot. 4 5/8" 45 Colt, Mexican Cowboy version.

                BFRshooter is right the grip may not be for you. I do like the grip for heavy thumpers but I dislike the curved trigger. The low, wide profile hammer I can take or leave it but I do dislike that trigger. I am trying to replace it with a Blackhawk trigger, don't know if that works, the SBH trigger did not work. The Bisley frames were always all steel. Early XR3Red (BH) frames were alloy. The new designed frame from the original (1950's) frame is now steel for all BH's and Vaqueros. The old SBH square back trigger guard was an all steel frame and I really like that size, but that square back trigger guard was a knuckle buster for me.

                The late model light weight SBH was an all steel version of the XR3Red frame now totally defunct. Darn, I loved that frame.

                PM me if you want to shoot Bisley Vaquero.

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