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.40 for my 40th birthday

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  • .40 for my 40th birthday

    Can't believe it. My wife bought me a .40 XD(m) for my birthday and a thousand rounds of practice ammo. I have to work today and it's killing me..LOL... I'll shoot it and take pics tomorrow.
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    I couldn't wait..LOL.. I put 33 rounds through it at lunch. (I love living in a rural area) Points extremely well with very little recoil (much more comfortable to shoot than my lightweight .45)..a very well designed frame shape. Not well regulated from the factory and it shoots 6" to the left for me. I'll adjust that tomorrow. Brass piled all in one group about 6' to the right and a little behind me. It's a gun that I can shoot extremely accurately out of the box with no practice. It's only going to get better as I practice more.
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      WOW, and you know what your gonna get NEXT Year, too.

      Then in 2 more years,
      Then the Next year after that,

      Don't fight it.

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        Lucky guy...

        Still waiting on them pictures man

        Awesome gift. Not many women would go out and buy you a gun. Sweet..
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          No pics. The kids and I had so much fun burning up the ammo yesterday that I never even had time to take pictures. Shooting with 6 3 and 3 spares is a full time job being the safety officer The pistol handles excellent and now has 400 rounds through it courtesy of me, my 12 yo son, his 13 yo buddy and my 13 yo daughter. Very easy to handle even for the kids.

          My daughter is practicing for a turkey hunt at the end of the month and we moved from the .22's to the 20ga this weekend. I couldn't get it away from her. Blowing up pop bottles at 25 yards was addictive and she burned up an easy 50 shells. I had a bunch of those turkey head targets and she didn't miss one in ten tries. She was so proud she's taking them to school to show them off...LOL...

          Big thumbs up on the XD(m). Even the plastic holster it comes with is comfortable.
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