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  • XDM 9mm

    I just picked up a XDM 9mm and love it! Shoots perfect. Shot 200 rounds first go. just wondering what everyone else feels about them and if they have had any problems.

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    I've shot one a few times, love it. I can shoot it better than my G19 and it seems like it would be a blast to carry.



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      I just got a .40 It's my first "tactical tupperware" gun and my first .40 I cut my teeth on .45ACP 1911's and haven't carried anything else in 20 years. I'm headed out the door to shoot mine. I've been fondling it all day at work. Holy cow loading 16 rounds into that mag is fun..LOL.. It's a bit bigger than my lightweight commander I've been carrying but it's not too bad. I'll let you know my impressions in a little bit.
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        I've had one for a month or two, and have 400 rounds through it with no problems.

        I prefer the trigger, grip, and balance of this pistol over the Glock.


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          i have two XDMs, one in 40 and one in 9mm. They both shoot awesome and i have used them both in IDPA ( i also plan to use them in IPSC) and they have been absolutely reliable and accurate (combined about 1600 rounds through them). If i had any complaint its that i have a high grip and im used to resting my thumb on the the 1911 slide safety. This seems to be almost exactly where the slide stop is and if im not careful it doesn't not engage when the mag is empty because my thumb is holding it down. just my 2 cents


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