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  • 177 cal air pistol and range set up

    i have been telling people this for years that a simple 177 single shot target pistol will help inprove there shooting skills time and time again,,
    you do your pratice inside the back yard area or inside the outer buildings or inside one of the long hallways or in the basement with a good pellet trap or a homemade one,..
    the single shot 177 cal pellet pistol is the cheapest form of target pratice
    with basic cost of the pistol is about $.150..to 1500.dollars depends what and who you are getting the brand of pistol
    a tin of wally world pellets at the most is about .$5.00 for a tin of 500 pellets that the higher end typle pellet that they sell
    it perfect for the alaska people for those who can not go to a range a lot
    you can pratice indoors and still have range time for basic marksmanship
    your will see a lot of bad habits gone after a few hundard pellets gone down range ..it will correct the habits that you have devopled over the years of shooting ..
    belive me when i say this one thing ..when you shoot a air pistol there is nothing to hide behind when comes to your bad habits when shooting
    for it has no recoil or flinch or anything else that cause to have bad shooting problems on the range it just dead steady and release the shot and belive me when i say this ..you will be amazed at the inprovement when your are done training on a air pistol and you go out and shoot a regular pistol
    this something that you should check out on your own to see if its any good for you for a training aid

    those you know who david tubb is ..he use a match grade 10.meter air rifle to pratice for his rifle shooting programs for prone kneeling and standing prostions for xcross the broad shooting program at camp perry ohio.

    i been useing a walther lg 300 xt wood stock airrifle to shoot in 10.meter matchs and i have seen a big diff when it comes to shooting my duty rifle
    ihave been cutiing pictures out of magazine and place them at diff prostions with a cardboard backer and lay on the floor and shoot at them to get a basic training in winter time when it wet and raining and i can not get the range time sometimes

    this something that you do as a family group night for a night of target pratice and a little side bet of who does the dish the next night to help the ones that do badly to pratice a little more

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    second part of the post
    pyramyd website has a izh baikal izh 46m match air pistol at price of $.346.00 dollars with out shipping and handleing amount
    it use a single stoke piston system compress the spring system to fire a 177 cal pellet at 500 fps
    there are other see there website for the deals that they have


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      Yes very effective training and fun to shoot.

      Gil Hebard and others sell the Daisy 747.
      Has the Lothar Walther Barrel, good sights, a service pistol comparable trigger. Shoots great and not as expensive as the IZH.

      Take some duct seal from Home Depot or Lowes, put in a cardboard box or a the bottom of a 3lb coffee can about an inch thick.

      Buy 500 Daisy pellets for $3.

      Hang your target, which you can download for free of the 'net with a piece of tape.

      Put eye protection on.

      You can stuff a cardboard box with loose news paper an seveal layers of folded newspapers in the back, if you don't want to buy duct seal.

      have fun!


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