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  • Sending guns to Alaska

    Hello to everyone, I would like to know if anyone would have a suggestion regarding sending 2 handguns up to Alaska from PA? My partner and I will be leaving the Hamburg, PA area in mid May, and driving up to Alaska to spend the summer gold dredging. In previous years, one of us always flew, so that problem never came up, but now with us both driving, that is no longer an option. I checked with a gun shop here in Harrisburg, but they wanted $60.00 per gun to send them up to a dealer in Fairbanks, even though we will do the packing and pay the insurance and postage after he inspects them.
    I certainly realize nothing is for nothing, but anyone have a suggestion that might be a bit more economical? Thanks for your ideas!
    Steve & Joe

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    Can't do it

    In order to pick up a handgun from a dealer in Alaska, you have to have Alaskan ID, an AK driver's license or an Alaskan State ID card. You will be required to fill out the 4473 form when you pick up the guns with proper I.D. You can't mail a handgun through the U.S. mail, Fedex requires it be sent to a gunsmith or factory or FFL holder and I think that UPS may have a new rule that they won't send it for you at all, at least a handgun.


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      I've been looking into this also. FEDEX will only send to an FFL, but with UPS their written tariff agreement states that you can send it so long as it is in accordance with the GCA of 1968. This means you should be able to send it overnight (not an option) to yourself on the other end, so long as no one else takes possession of it.

      With that said, expect a hard time from the UPS representative that takes the package. You must take the package to a UPS staffed location (no UPS stores, internet ship, or any other third party retailers) or have it picked up from a daily pickup. Likewise you must inform them that the package contains a firearm. Here is where they will make up their own rules on the spot and likely tell you that it is a no go. Otherwise look into getting an authorization to transport (ATT) through Canada ahead of time.

      Here are a couple of links for you to take a look at, as you should never trust internet advice:

      UPS tarriff/terms of service:

      ATF reg about shipping to yourself:


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        This question comes up often. We do this for hunters and customers probably 300-500 times a here it is.

        Put your handguns in a box. Send it from yourself, to yourself by UPS or Fed Ex. The charge on your dealers end is for his convenience Im sure in allowing you to ship off his account. If you dont want to pay it, try shipping it yourself.

        We charge $75 to receive and hold a c/o package. its a PITA and time is money.


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