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    i have a new model black hawk in 41 rem mag was wondering wat people think of the caliber and uses in alaska

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    You can handload some good rounds for it and I think a couple outfits load up hot stuff for them.
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      I have one. I load a 225cast to 1480fps. That puts it in the same class as a 44mag


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        I'm a big fan of the caliber and have hunted with one many times. I have a few of them, an old style Blackhawk, a first year new model Blackhawk, An S&W 58 and 57. It is so close to the 44 as to make no difference in the field with comparable bullets. It handles 250 grain WFNGC's with ease to 1400+ fps from the Blackhawk 6 1/2" barrel. Bullets have higher sectional density than 44's of the same weight and make a slightly flatter shooter when needing to reach out a ways. I haven't taken anything in Alaska with it but would not hesitate to hunt moose on down with the caliber. I don't think any critter would be insulted being shot with it over the more famous 44.
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          Happy to hear it

          Happy to hear the endorsement. Just yesterday, completely on a whim, I picked up a used new model BlackHawk in 41 mag. Iíve never even fired this round before. I sure hope I can find a nice little lead swc/unique load for it.


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            Had a .41 Mag 4 a while...

            Had a .41 Mag 4 a while... it was a S&W 57 polished nickel and very-very accurate. I liked the refined 6 shooter, but it was not a keeper for me when compared with the .44 Magnum and .454 Magnum.

            Realize that the .41 Mag is a true .41 cal. while the .44 Mag is really a .429 cal. May not be too much difference in diameter; understand nevertheless as well as rest assured the .44 Mag is a more powerful round whether factory loaded or hand loaded. Would game know the difference? I'll say yes... disagreeing w/ others in this thread so far. The .41 Mag. is a fine cartridge, yet neither found niche nor popularity of the .44 Mag for a reason.

            The main reasons the .44 Mag is what it is today and why the .41 never caught on comes down to the .44 Mag. having greater case capacity combined with the ability to shine launching heavy for caliber bullets. .44 Mag and .44 Spl. ammunition selections made .44 Mag revolvers a more popular choice. More availability, greater demand, design updates, ammo costs... they all more or less doomed .41 Mag popularity by comparison.

            I do like the .41 Mag, however found that my ol' S&W model 57 was most accurate with a duty load of 175 grain bullets... excess of 220 grains with hotter loadings gave a bit more power, but at the expense of accuracy really falling off.

            A cool read is Elmer Keith back-in-the-day using his 'test-product' .41 Mag chasing caribou and polar bear in Alaska on a winter hunt.

            The .41 Mag. should serve you well as a side-arm for your Alaska adventures.


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              .41 mag unpopularity

              Actually, the initial reasons the .41 mag didn't catch on better is that it was first brought out as a law enforcement round and the first factory loads being pretty hot, LE officers found it to not be an easily controlled round for service use and the first bullets were soft and slightly undersized so that the barrels leaded up very badly and rapidly, messing with accuracy.

              Having taken several head of medium sized game including one medium-sized blackie, I propose that except for a big pissed-off bear, the .41 mag's terminal performance is very effective. Even in that event, a brain or spine shot would still do the job, penetration and bullet weight/diameter being more than reasonable for the job.


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                I believe it didn't catch on because it didn't have a Bill Jordan357,Elmer Kieth 44,Jeff Copper 45acp, etc. There wouldn't be a 270 now days without Jack OConnor
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                  Good points...

                  Good points Mauserboy and Amigo Will.

                  Yes - the .41 Mag was a bit more than law enforcement required over the ol' .38Spl., .44Spl. and proven effectiveness of the .357Mag. DA wheel guns. This wheel gun history was was more or less repeated with the auto wonder-nine (9mm years) to the 10mm auto; LE settling in with the .40 S&W and ol' 45ACP. Neutralizing threat and trained shooter response to danger situations trumped 1st shot stopping power.... statistics, tactics, and firearm control by an active shooter was paramount to needing more powerful rounds. The advances toward .41 Mag or 10 mm auto served very little purpose over the currently reliable technologies.

                  Gun-pros and gun-writers have a lot to due with popularizing a cartridge. In the case of the .41 Mag. --- yes, I agree... but let's not forget that many popular cartridges today are mainstays because they fill a true niche while so many of the "solutions to non-existent problems" generally fall short on popularity as well long term availability.


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                    270 and O'Connor

                    Originally posted by Amigo Will View Post
                    I believe it didn't catch on because it didn't have a Bill Jordan357,Elmer Kieth 44,Jeff Copper 45acp, etc. There wouldn't be a 270 now days without Jack OConnor
                    Very true, Amigo Will. If O'Connor had liked the 280 instead, that would be the most popular and is better anyway.


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                      Warren Page's 243 outshines the 6mm Remington in popularity but not performance. The same could be said for the 284 Winchester over Jacks 270.

                      The bottom line is that some cartridges are just snake bit from the onset. The 41 is just another example.

                      I have been killing whitetail deer with the 44 mag handguns and lever guns for 30 years. Last year Murphy put me onto a new Model Blackhawk in 41 mag. I shot two deer with that gun last fall. One being probably the biggest whitetail doe that I've ever killed. The 41 went through her end to end and there was no chase. I can't remember ever having a more severe wound channel from anything shot with a 44.
                      I'm into the 41 for keeps...never was much into popularity contests anyway!


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                        Before the .270

                        Jack O'Conner liked the 7X57 before he crowed about the .270, but it never became a raging success. I believe that the .270 sold itself in the sense that the more people tried it when it was new, the way it killed game with authority got more people to get into it and there you go.

                        Oh, by the way, Amigo Will, better do your homework, because both Elmer Keith and Bill Jordan had something to do with the design and promotion of the .41 Mag. Jordan wanted a .40 cal law enforcement cartridge and Keith took the first S&W .41 mags hunting in Alaska.


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                          Ya but they didn't support it like their main rounds which they gave 90% of their press.Still say without Jack the 270 would be just another old round but thats my feeling not yours which you are intitled to.
                          Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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                            My all time favorite caliber.
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                              I like the 41 Mag, itís a good round that I would take over a 44 Mag any time. I never have liked the 44 Mag for some reason, it's a very good round that I never wanted anything to do with. Just never tripped my trigger and the more it was shoved at me as the ďtop dogĒ the more I didnít like it. That left me with 41 or 45 so I have always had both until I sold my 41 to pay for the S&W 460V.

                              Selling the last 41 was hard for me but I wanted to save a bit in ammo and loading supplies. The 41 was sort of the odd duck around here and I found it hard to find other 41's too keep it from getting lonely. If they were more abundant so a good deal could be found once in a while I may have kept it around and sold a 45 long.

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