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  • ruger LCP?

    Has anyone fooled around with the LCP? Looking at the youtube vids, and propaganda out there on it, looks like a good little pocket pistol.

    I wonder if its a viable replacement/substitute for a S&W airweight?

    They look like they would be similar in size, same capacity of rounds, same weight, but the airweight would certainly get a notch up as far as firepower. And, I would suspect reliability. Little pocket auto pistols being jamamatics as far as IVe ever seen.

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    I own an Airweight and a good friend of mine owns an LCP. Shot them side by side, my only complaint about the LCP is the trigger and the sights. Capacity is more and concealment is better, but I'll keep the airweight. I don't RECALL having any jamming problems. I think the sights on the LCP are so small, they might as well be non-existent, but as long as distance is short, it's fine. My only complaint about the airweight is the recoil with +P. 5 rounds of that is more than enough for one trip to the range, but you don't have to practice with +p, either.
    Me, I like the airweight better. He likes his LCP better. Go Figure! But, I wouldn't mind having one of each.


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      I would make sure all the LCP recall stuff is fixed before jumping in.Same with their SP101 in 327
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        Originally posted by Amigo Will View Post
        I would make sure all the LCP recall stuff is fixed before jumping in.Same with their SP101 in 327
        i think ruger has that recall business pretty well figured out.......and of course it covers all guns made before the "improvement". many excellent world war two era guns would never pass that drop test, and they gave excellent service. fine quality pistols such as the walther, hsc mauser, colt pocket auto etc,etc.

        we are in a world where it is expected that someone will take care of us or we will sue! what ever happened to muzzle control and common sense? if you want a hammer buy a hammer.
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          I have two LCP's. Ruger sent a prepaid overnight UPS box and packing material to my house on a Tuesday. I followed the instructions and had both pistols back on Friday. Great service and a good shooting little gun.

          Any LCP that starts with serial number 371- is a non recall item. Only the older 370- numbers apply.


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            I have one

            Sent it back and got the recall done, pretty fast, about a week. Went to the range finally. Only gripe I have is that shooting one handed I kept hitting the magazine release button. So it would not load around sometimes. It was my fault. Started happening towards the end of session. I used the new mag they sent, with the extra finger hold. I have big skinny hands. Easy fix, just didn't have any more ammo left to figure out what I was doing wrong with the grip. No jams otherwise. It is way lighter than your airwieght. I had an airlight and it a few ounces lighter than that. Thing I like best is the there is no cylinder like on your airwieght. So by far easy to conceal, especially in the waist band. The revolver would always want to pivot out if bend over or moved wrong. Then it would pinch the shirt in behind it, so was always concious about that. This little guy in the custom holster from Half Moon I believe is nice, in a coat pocket or waist band.


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              I have one. If you want something really small and easy to hide this is a great gun. Its not going to win any accuracy contests but at 50 ft if you take your time you can keep em all in paper plate or smaller. Never had any jam problems. Trigger pull is really long. This gun is really designed for in your face, time to die, end of the line type situations.
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                Well I got one on Thursday. Wore it in a Bianchi pocket holster in my jeans all day friday. Never noticed it was there. Fired it today. It never had an issue in 50 rounds. Seems like a good little pistol for what it was designed for.

                Mine seems to shoot pretty low, but that might be me. Im not good at firing double action only. I need some practice in the department. I cant believe how much ammo costs for this thing. Even the reloading components arent cheap.


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                  White Box!!! all the way...

                  Some of you are probably thinking what the heck is Brian talking about now?

                  I'll just elaborate a little by sharing one commonplace 'scientific method' dedicated to RE (reverse engineering).

                  This new 'baby Ruger' is a product of RE no doubt about it... something the Ruger company has tooled up & thrived on from it's very beginnings as a firearms producer.

                  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                  Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through analysis of its structure, function and operation. It often involves taking something (e.g., a mechanical device, electronic component, or software program) apart and analyzing its workings in detail to be used in maintenance, or to try to make a new device or program that does the same thing without copying anything from the original.

                  --- so what is 'white box'? This is the form of RE that looks into the inner workings of the system. It is the process of taking a system apart, discovering how it works, and often leads to an efficient/effective way to learn how to build similar systems plus making improvements or distinguishing non essentials from the original.

                  This is not a "new gun" by any stretch. I'm including two pictures (exploded drawings) of the Kel-Tec .380 and the Ruger LCP.

                  I'm not just arm-chair-expertise-ing it here - thanks to rimfiremat... I have fired this simple, super-lightweight, highly concealable Ruger (just took a few aimed plinkers at 10 or so yards) at a distance I find greater than the gun will ever likely see fit in a personal defense scenario. It ran flawlessly... tagging a baseball sized object at 10 yards is good enough pickins for its use.
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                    Ammo needed

                    Any local shops have ammo for this little shooter?
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                      Gunrunners and Northern security have some. Gunrunners had the most selection. Its so scarce and pricey that all I have is two magazines full. Thats about all the inventory of it I plan on having for awhile.


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                        Great little pocket pistol. I'll second Gunrunners on the selection. What is tough to find is the little Crimson Trace laser. That really makes a huge difference! It's worth the additional coin IMO.


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                          I was just at gunrunners, hes out of the 380 ammo


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                            A few notes:

                            Finally I got to shoot one the other day (we all popped off a few)...while it isnt a Seecamp, it seemed OK. Nice that finally I am able to get a steady supply as most of them get shipped out upon arrival.

                            380 acp ammo has been extremely hard to come by and Grace is out as is Niels. But, the barge is my friend so if you like to use Gunrunners bet he will be one of the two shops to have some shortly (some, not alot)

                            CTC Lasers are more plentiful than lying politicians, they arent tough to get at all, I go thought 6-12 a week.


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                              Originally posted by Seawolf View Post
                              Any local shops have ammo for this little shooter?
                              Brophy's Gunshop has 380 Ammo. (He's at the end of the Knik River Road.)

                              PMC, 90 grains FMJ. I got 2 boxes, at $18.50 per box.

                              He seems to have all the latest popular guns, too.

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