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    Has anyone used the Coronado Leather concealment vests? If so, what is your opinion of fit, quality, concealment, gun retention, ect.
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    Good vest but with something like a 1911 you will get a sag
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      I absolutely love mine. Wear it everyday. I carry compact pistols and compact revolvers with no issues whatsoever.


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        Coronado leather is very nice hand made, American made products. I have a couple of his jackets and a vest. Any heavy gun will unbalance the load you'll need to cary extra ammo in the other pocket to balance out. All jackets have ballistic nylon lined gun pockets on both sides (ambidextrious) and they come with a nylon elastic hold down holster strap that is velcro'd to the inside of the pocket in the position of your choice. These do work very well but a gun as big and heavy as a 1911 is a little much. I carried a Glock 23 in a jacket I've had for 20 years, just left the gun in the pocket when I hung the jacket in the closet. Allways there, always ready.

        It is a very good idea and we should all own at least one to show this business that we care about those who care about our gun rights. An added bonus here is that they are American made. Save up some bucks and buy one.
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